A Generous Gift of Extraordinary Kindness — Sunday, January 12, 2020

On a very cold day, with snow starting to fall

I sat down to my computer to start my morning computer work

(See the moon between the frozen branches of the Forsythia bush? 🙂  )

There in my in-box was a beautiful gift of warmth and green lush grass and four darling

eyes looking around their glittering island home, of Marco Island, Florida.

A huge wonderful gift from Wayne and Carolyn Maxwell, Terry’s sister and brother-in-law (enjoying warm air and sunshine, ocean sunsets in their amazing winter home.)

Thank you so very much!

From my world to your heart,



Island Magic Continues—-Thursday, February 15, 2018

We saw so many wonderful things.  A few blocks or so from Wayne and Carolyn’s condo is the Island’s Eagle Sanctuary

It’s so nice how all the residents care so very much for all the wildlife in and around this Island!

We saw the huge (I MEAN HUGE) machine; the walking dredge, which opened up the Everglades connecting Tampa to Miami.  ..I took photos but they didn’t turn out well. I tried to find a couple of good ones on the internet, but I didn’t see anything I really liked.

We found out there is a softball baseball league where you MUST be 70 or older to play!  🙂  Anyone younger does not qualify.

Later on in the day I went to the library to get our boarding passes—everyone else went and watched some boat races.

Then it was back to the beach…

and off to have a yummy pizza

Gosh!  What an amazing gift of time!

Your friend on a beach in Marco, Florida,




Dolphins and White Sands—-February 14, 2018

Early the next morning we headed back down to the beach for a morning cruise out into the Gulf of Mexico, to see the Dolphins, birds, and to stop and gather sea shells along the way.

It is a perfect day…no wind, no waves, just sunshine and water

Lucky us…lots of dolphins at play…

We saw the Dome House—this is actually ONE house, now being reclaimed by the sea…go here to read more about the dome house

Spent time on a island made up of seashells…and, of course, looked for and found some nice ones 🙂

If you ever get to go to Marco Island…this is a great tour to take.

More to come.  I hope you aren’t getting bored!

From my world to yours,




One off the Bucket List—-Monday, February 12, 2018

All along, here and there, are little roped off protected areas housing Burrowing Owls, a protected and endangered little bird along the coast line

They are tiny little things.

We stopped at the MASSIVE and exciting and over-flowing Farmer’s Market, just a short distance from Carolyn and Wayne’s condo

There was so much stuff I could have spent HOURS there just looking at all the booths, but we didn’t have lots of time to spend, as we were on our way to check off an item I have wanted to do forever!

Ride on an AIR BOAT!!!

Not only ride on an air boat, but to see Alligators!

Real Live Alligators!

You really can’t come to Florida and NOT take an airboat ride or see alligators…at least in my mind. 🙂

This man put on a great talk…he is truly an alligator whisper…the little alligator is going to sleep according to his request.

Off now— until later.  More tomorrow I promise!

From my world to yours,



OFF WE GO—-Sunday, February 11, 2018

Waking at two thirty in the morning we gathered our two bags and headed out to Kimberly’s waiting car.  She graciously said she would take us to the airport, an hour away from us, and pick us up when we returned.

I was a nervous wreck.  I haven’t flown in many, many years.  Terry has, but not me.  I wasn’t afraid of flying, but all the requirements for the luggage.  Therefore, I checked the luggage requirement I’ll bet fifty times.  Packed the liquids in the proper way, allowed ourselves only TWO carry-ons, since we didn’t want to check luggage once we got there.

Airports are famous  for that ‘Hurry Up and Wait’ statement

Finally it was time!  Off we went, high above the clouds.

Clouds, of which were all the way the from here to Florida.

Still it was beautiful….we flew INTO the sunrise

No land to see, but beautiful sun coming up over the horizon

After a change over in Fort Worth-Dallas International Airport, with a two hour wait we were at the Fort Myers International Airport!

Terry’s sister and brother-in-law met us in the lobby…huge smiles on their faces and open arms.

Their condo is like many others in Marco Island; sitting against a canal in the back, with roads in the front.

We had arrived to SUMMER!


That evening we ate supper alongside the beach, just a few blocks from their home.

 Gosh, it’s a lovely place.

Sun, sand, SUMMER, good people to spend time with, the water lapping on the shore, SUMMER—-did mention it was just like my favorite time of year?—SUMMER!

Who could ask for more.

From my world to your heart,