Leaving on a Jet Plane—-Friday, February 16, 2018

Making that mad dash to get to the airport, in the required two hours before time, standing in a long, longer, very long line we rushed down to our loading stop and found out we had MUCHO time to wait. Mucho!


The jet was delayed out of Chicago due to weather.

Now the worry was …. will we make our flight to Grand Junction?

Worry, worry, fret!

Oh, well…it will be whatever it is.  We decided sleeping in the airport will give us a chance to really see what the Dallas/Fort Worth airport has to offer.


Gradually it all started working out.  We are up in the air and heading toward Texas.  Finally we see TEXAS!

We are almost to the airport!  YAY!

We got to Dallas/Ft Worth and found out THAT jet was also late!

YAY! Everything is working out!

Oh, yes…we called our daughter, Kimberly and told her we were going to be coming in after dark.

Oh what beauty!  We flew INTO the sunrise going out…and now we are flying into the sunset going home.

Amazing!  AND I was sitting by the right window both times!!!!!

A lady across the isle kept passing her smart phone over to me —she loves sunsets just like I do.

There it is!  In the last glow of the setting sun we saw Grand Junction in the horizon.

We are back.  And in record time.  Kimi was there with a huge smile on her face a warm car to drive us home.

The joy of an outstanding vacation and the bliss of coming home.

From my world to your heart,


35 thoughts on “Leaving on a Jet Plane—-Friday, February 16, 2018

  1. I’m glad your journey home worked out with both flights being delayed. I’m envious that you got the correct window seat both going and coming. I’ve never been that fortunate. You got some great pictures from the plane.

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  2. Flying isn’t fun…airlines over book and lost our luggage several times. Security lines…etc. Seems you took the long way home – Florida to Chicago to Dallas then Grand junction??? hours of flying and waiting. Thought there was a direct flight from Denver?

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    • No… Florida to Texas to Grand Junction. The jet was late into Florida from Chicago. There is a direct flight from Denver, but it costs $200 per person more and we would have had to spend the night over there twice and drive the passes coming back. Grand Junction is much closer.


  3. My goodness that went quickly.
    The “joys” of connecting flights…….been there, done that with results – good and bad.
    So on long flights eg: Sydney or Brisbane to Los Angeles ( stopover at an airport hotel – in my case the excellent Hyatt LAX and then next day to either Atlanta or to Minneapolis-St.Paul.
    14 hours approximately in a plane is quite enough……….it was a damn bugger when you with the 707’s and DC8’s had a stopover and customs clearance in Honolulu, Then it was about 20 hours!
    You arrive at final destination with non-frayed nerves – with the HNL stop and customs, well frayed nerves were the order of the day for even the LAX arrival – you’d never have survived the extra flights to ATL or MSP !!!! – ha ha.
    Europe was always a Bangkok stopover……….many people like Singapore instead.

    Like Kate above (Capricorn Coast of Qld)…………it is February and we are all cooking. Supposedly rain next week in my area. Badly needed for the vegetation, gardens and to hopefully COOL we, humans down.
    The beach is good but you can’t take it home with you – ha ha!

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  4. So glad it all worked out to get back home without big layovers. I surely enjoyed your vacation stories and photos. Hope all is well at home! Thanks for taking us along with you. Those plane pics were great too!

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  5. hello dayphoto its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow wot an adventchoor yoo guys had in the mithikal land of florida!!! it sownds like yoo had a wunnerful time vizzitting summer for a wile!!! i am glad yoo did not miss enny of yore flites my dada gits all stressd owt just thinking abowt those airport lines and wayting and then running to ketch playns i do not no wot he thinks he is going to do with a playn wunse he ketches it tho!!! ok bye

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  6. I’m so glad you two had a good vacation in the sunshine state …. our company from Spokane just left, going home to snow, ice and less than zero temps with their windchill. They will get home at midnight. (I think they’d have liked to stay and just forget work, if it wren’t for their dogs at the doggy day care that missed them — and vice versa).

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