The Lion of March Enters—-Sunday, March 4, 2018

The hard frozen ground of winter is giving way to spring.

The crunch of leaves is gone…leaving soft leaves of mush, and long-ago brittle twigs even drier than when they first fell from the trees

The big birds are migrating now.

The large flocks, which slept on the farm over-night, are starting to shrink to smaller flocks.  The air, in early morn and late evening ring with sounds rippling through the air –the songs of their flights

All the snow is gone…the wind having dried the ground.

Only patches remain here and there.

Although, the wind today is strong, I never mind the wind.  I actually I am one of those rare people who likes the wind.  I love feeling it on my face, in my hair, swirling around me in all directions.

Once, when I was a child, I took the black plastic that covered ensilage pits; tied each end to my arms and legs (behind me) and turned myself into the wind—I became a human KITE!

The wind blows most of spring, in our area (March through June), —we are surrounded by mountains on all four sides—wind is necessary to melt the snow, stir the sap, dry out the ground, open the earth for growth.

Today my heart lifts with the birds in the sky—I can feel the faint movement of velvet Spring not far off now!

From my Heart to your world,




28 thoughts on “The Lion of March Enters—-Sunday, March 4, 2018

    • Or the time I walked the top of the very large cement block tower my Dad had (he was creating a basement, and I tried to fly off it, falling into the bricks…I still wear the scars.


  1. Beautiful pictures, Linda! The wind blows those same months here, too. I do get tired of it after awhile, tho. Spring is in the air here! The Canada geese have left the area heading north. I also hear the Sandhill cranes flying overhead. My day lilies are just peaking thru and DD’s rose bushes are sprouting tiny leaves! Along with wind, tho, we get the blowing dust…really dislike that! Am excited for warmer weather!


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  2. It does feel like spring is making it’s entrance but I cannot say it as poetically as you just did. You have quite the way with words. I was outside most of yesterday and had to put my hoodie on to keep the wind off my ear and face while pulling weeds and trimming. You took the desire to fly to a whole new level as a child. 🙂

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