Time Tumbling Forward Stretching Each of Us Toward the Future—Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Sometimes my mind likes to race toward the future…not that I LIKE to race toward the future,

But my mind sure does.

And it (my mind) seems to leap and tear around mercilessly

At night when I’m supposed to be sleeping.

The thoughts dipping and spreading slowly, at first, then by three in the morning

Rushing here there and everywhere

Sliding around in the old head like oil spilling out of a tipped over can

Nighttime thoughts…sigh!

Everything always looks so much better in the morning.

For then you have understanding, there are no borders; wandering thoughts can’t survive…action takes the place of worry.

From my world to your heart,


Behind—-Monday, March 4, 2019

The farming season is taking a long time to begin.  The earth is still wet; filled with mud, ice and snow lying in the shadows

If it were a normal year, Terry would be out on the land disking in the corn stalks and getting ready to plow—–yes, most farmers still plow here, it’s all about the type of soil on a farm

We are thickly covered in clouds today, although, there is hope for scattered sunshine

And it’s cold. The wind, you know, goes right through a body.

As wet as we are Terry is thinking it will be at least two more weeks before a tractor can get out there and begin…I guess we wait.

There really isn’t anything anyone can do until the weather gods say COME ON SUN, it’s time for Spring to begin!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


The Lion of March Enters—-Sunday, March 4, 2018

The hard frozen ground of winter is giving way to spring.

The crunch of leaves is gone…leaving soft leaves of mush, and long-ago brittle twigs even drier than when they first fell from the trees

The big birds are migrating now.

The large flocks, which slept on the farm over-night, are starting to shrink to smaller flocks.  The air, in early morn and late evening ring with sounds rippling through the air –the songs of their flights

All the snow is gone…the wind having dried the ground.

Only patches remain here and there.

Although, the wind today is strong, I never mind the wind.  I actually I am one of those rare people who likes the wind.  I love feeling it on my face, in my hair, swirling around me in all directions.

Once, when I was a child, I took the black plastic that covered ensilage pits; tied each end to my arms and legs (behind me) and turned myself into the wind—I became a human KITE!

The wind blows most of spring, in our area (March through June), —we are surrounded by mountains on all four sides—wind is necessary to melt the snow, stir the sap, dry out the ground, open the earth for growth.

Today my heart lifts with the birds in the sky—I can feel the faint movement of velvet Spring not far off now!

From my Heart to your world,




Monday, March 4, 2013

Not lots happening here.  It’s rained off and on for two days…I should be able to go out and start to find green shoots of something coming up.  The rain has pretty much melted off all the old snow, which is good.  Now we have mud…one step closer to farm and yard work!

Once we get dry enough down here we will get out on the ground and start.


The talk is all about water, (I’m sure you are not surprised) but it is snowing in the mountains and now they (the Ditch Company people) are thinking…just thinking at this point…that WHEN they turn on the water they will start at 60% instead of 50%.

I always smile when I hear the men fretting and worrying, because I have a HUGE Secret…MAGIC THOUGHTS!

All of you in blog land are sending MAGIC THOUGHTS to our reservoirs in Gunnison County —Taylor Park Reservoir and Blue Mesa Reservoir.

Since all of you started with the MAGIC THOUGHTS we have gone from 50% to POSSIBLY 60% !!!

How very exciting.  And the weather forecast shows more rain for us on Friday, which should mean SNOW IN THE HIGH COUNTRY!!!

Thank you all very much!