And Then it All Happened—Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Terry was moving right along, on the last plowed field, when suddenly

The alternator went out.  He had to walk home, get me, and another tractor— then we hauled it home.

Thankfully he could get another part in the morning when the freight comes into the parts house, and he has a couple more tractors he can use 🙂

He finished up one field, had to leave the other field, until the part came in, but got out the little tractor and harrowed down the cow patties on the alfalfa field.

Then while fixing supper

I stabbed my hand—that’s what happens when you get in a rush.  I couldn’t get the blood to stop so headed to hospital…where I got staples, of all things.

I have found the staples are pretty good at catching and snagging on stuff…shish!

Anyway, we just slowed down for a little bit…the part came in this morning, the hand is healing and we are back in the swing of things.

You have a good one!
Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


58 thoughts on “And Then it All Happened—Tuesday, March 20, 2018

  1. Farming/ranching–anywhere, anytime– is so fraught with unwanted weather issues and machinery that breaks down. The injury to your hand sounds frightening–any wound producing blood sends me into a panic. Its good to read that things are settling down!


    • Usually I’m okay and can handle the crisis and even fix it most times, but I couldn’t get the blood stopped so I could get a butterfly bandage on so the rest is history–moving forward now.


  2. Ouch! That looks painful! I’m sure the catching on things hurts too. I’m glad Terry good get his tractor repaired and the cow patties are now harrowed over!


    • I was this morning…pretty much screaming—-This morning, when getting dressed my bra hooked the middle staple…what a painful mess that was….Terry had to take the staple out—the bra hook would not slip off…I am NOT a fan of staples!!!


    • I’m pretty sure it will…this morning was a trip This morning, when getting dressed my bra hooked the middle staple…what a painful mess that was….Terry had to take the staple out—the bra hook would not slip off…I am NOT a fan of staples!!!


  3. Oh no! That is not good! The alternator is not a big deal for a man such as Terry. I am sure he was far more worried about your hand injury. I am praying for you right now.


  4. Ouchie.Ouch. Heal fast!
    Isn’t it just wonderful how our husbands are so talented at fixing things 🙂 Old tractors are awesome! (Yea, as long as…. )


  5. Staples! That’s a new one for me.
    Looks bloody awful and most uncomfortable.
    Hope all is healed quick smart.
    Plenty of rain here at last – bushfires have been terrible down south.
    No lives lost, but houses gone and stock losses are terrible.
    All seems under control now.
    Cheers and be more careful in future – speed is dangerous as you have found out.


  6. The Husband and I were reading this together and when we got to your hand photo we both said “Owwww!” in chorus. Do make yourself a sock mitten, I can’t bear the idea of you catching it on anything else. Glad you’re both ‘on the mend’.


  7. OUCH Linda, those staples look awful and painful, and I can see where they would snag on everything. Is that the latest thing….to put in staples? Glad the part came in and so glad your husband is so handy that he can fix most anything that goes wrong. whew. Here’s to better days for you guys!


  8. Oh goodness; such an awful spot to get impaled.
    My colleague got the small tractor stuck, but rather than tell me about it, he pulled it out with the car ‘alone’. There was no one to stop the tractor from rolling down the slope once it was freed. No problem. He stopped it . . . with the bumper of the Buick! The tailgate got a bit squished upward and inward. He put the car back as if I would not notice!


  9. Oh gosh! Those staples are intimidating. I’m surprised they used them on a hand! I thought hand flexed too much for it to work. Take care of yourself- and good luck with the tractors!


  10. It makes my hand hurt looking at your staples!!! Glad you are healing fast and be sure to keep some cream on it when the staples out so it won’t get stiff.
    Terry is probably like Eddie and used to the issues with farm equipment but that doesn’t make it any easier. We just spent $4000+ to repair our Kubota but simple fixes to it were adding up so he sent it off to make sure everything is repaired before hay season gets here. We’ll be using it to bushhog the orchards, haul in logs and firewood and work on fencing. We have four tractors on the farm and this one is used as much as the big one that we use with the haybine, baler and feeding the 4×5 haybales to the cattle.
    Heal fast ladybug and take care of you!!


  11. That does look like it still hurts. I’m surprised they didn’t cover it with something. If it’s not one thing, it’s 16 others. Glad Terry is so handy at fixing things and he was there to take you to the hospital.


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