Why I Come Here—Monday, March 20, 2017

Yesterday I got a message from WordPress:
Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!
You registered on WordPress.com 10 years ago.
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.
Ten years!  Goodness times has flown.  Terry and my hair have turned color, in that time, his is white and mine gray….we are both retired from downtown jobs
Our grandchildren have grown from tiny infants into much bigger kids.
Still the drifting clouds and the breezes continue to move over the land we call home.
 And we still continue to farm.  Working the soil, building fences, taking care of the this piece of property that calls to Terry and I.
And for me, I love blogging.
I’ve met so many wonderful friends here, people who have become more than a push of the like button…
For you — each one of you…sit close to me for a spell and we get to know each other.
Thank you for my wonderful ten years of blogging.

Plowing—It’s the Only Way to Go—Sunday, March 20, 2016

Plowing-2Terry started plowing the old corn fields


Burying the old stalks, leaves, left over cobs, and cow manure….oh yes!  And the MILK DUDS…back into the ground to mellow out and decompose.

Plowing-3 I must say I am Tickled to Death about the Milk Duds, Beef Jerky and other assorted ‘chews’  NOT readily available for Boomer.

RichAlthough, he still goes out and tries to find them, they are now in the rich soil doing wonders for the earth worms and not Boomer’s tummy!


SmilesHe gained three pounds during this February…now he is on a diet.  One I’ve imposed and one the plowed earth took away.  Three pounds is huge on a 35 pound Beagle!

GoldI finished all but one big spot of work last night in the sunset.  Which, by the way, was stunning.

Have a good one, my friends!


Just for Fun March 20, 2014

Yesterday, Fuzzy, Boomer and I took a walk about…I needed to get out and do something..Fuzzy needed some exercise and Boomer really wanted to go check out some smells.

Once out on the land I thought it would be a fun little sidebar trip to show you the difference in plowed and rolled land.ClodsThis is what plowing does to the land. These huge clumps of dirt are horrible to walk in–I’ve had to chase many an escaped animal through these cliffs of soil.  They have a way of slowing you down.  One nice thing about slowing you down, is they also slow down the sheep, goat, cow or horse that is making their way through them.


Then the roller comes along and smashes everything–now it’s easy to walk on the land again.  It won’t stay this way long as the next steps have to move along quickly so we can be ready to start water around the first of April.


A person could NOT plant anything in here, the soil would not sub and the seed couldn’t get a hold, but all the humus is now turned under to start rotting.  Adding to the richness of the soil and giving more food to the plants.


The dogs and I checked some of the work that effect us…cleaning out the ditches!  Huge job. I much rather clean out the cement ditches than the gated pipes though.

HayThen we looked at the alfalfa field — its starting to green up nicely.

In about an hour I need to head up to where Terry is working with the back hoe.  He is having a trench dug for the very last of the transmission pipe to our place.  After we get that in place we will have all our transmission/distribution pipes underground–less weeds, less loss to subbing and evaporation.

My foot is coming along nicely.  I did too much yesterday, but after a good night’s rest I’m able to use it again.  Sure wasn’t a good time of the year to get a hurt.

Off now to head up to the ditch!
Your farm friend,