Heaven is on the Earth in the Eyes of Animals—-Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Lady is changing by leaps and bounds.  She allows the halter to be put on her face, and IF we don’t come at her face, or try to pet her face in anyway shape or form (she had bloody whip lashes on her face when Shannon got her —and old scars on her rear) she is welcoming to our hands

This is a friend’s little kitty….she is very affectionate and loves hanging right by your feet, joyfully purring the whole time.

Then there is that silly, full of personality, Willow, one of Shannon’s cats…he has started smelling like dried alfalfa for some reason 🙂

Animals…they are such an added bonus to our lives.

From my world to your heart,




26 thoughts on “Heaven is on the Earth in the Eyes of Animals—-Wednesday, March 21, 2018

  1. We always approached any horse with the halter kind of behind us and from the shoulder. Never head on. Always stroking and speaking softly. Mistreated animals always take time, like mistreated humans.


  2. Linda , glad your Lady is getting used to you all. My Brother bought a mare in 1954. She had old scars and was badly treated, but with love and a lot of patience she did great. His children rode her, walked under her and she was good at holding a cow with rope if he had to get the cow taken care of . 10 years later a man came to our house to put a new tire on the tractor. She was in pasture close to the house. She started screaming and rairing and we thought maybe a snake had scared her. My dad and i was home and we both went to see what we could do. My brother came and then i see the tire guy leave . You know what I am going to say,next. he said he had a horse like her few years before and was mean and he bragged how he beat her. then sold her and yes, it was the same man and she smelled him before he ever got out of the truck. !!!!!
    It was a couple days before she really calmed down. My Dad told the guy to take his tire and go back to town , plus a few other words. How he could be so mean is hard to know,but she knew him before he got out of the truck. WOW. Thanks for your sharing the progress Lady has made.
    We got rain Monday. First since Oct. 2017. A real blessing. Sharon Drake. South central Kansas


  3. Love your blog and especially the pics of the animals. I’m so glad that Lady is doing better…what kind of a person would harm an animal? Love those kitties too. Thanks Linda! That orange goofball at the end, makes me smile!


  4. Makes you want to go find whoever whipped her and give them a taste of what it feels like. But that would make us just like them. You are doing a good job teaching Lady that not all human hands are hurtful.


  5. hello dayphoto its dennis the vizsla dog hay i hav to agree with yoo their this howse wood shoor be a lot emtier if it wernt for the hipster kitties!!! i am glad to hav those littel animals arownd heer and — wot??? oh dada sez i am an animal too ha ha ha ha that dada sutch a kidder!!! ok bye


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