A Fine Spring Day—-Tuesday, April 23, 2018

We started water on the pinto bean field.  I always enjoy the opening up of a new field.  Although, the work of bringing out the siphon tubes, setting them up, and then getting them started can be a wee bit taxing.

It’s always worth every little bit of extra effort in the long-run.

These marvelous spring days, make my heart and soul and my mind leap for joy.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?”

― Mary Oliver

My plan?

My plan is to enjoy every second of every minute which is left to me out here on the wild and beautiful world we call earth.

How about you?

From my world to your heart,




15 thoughts on “A Fine Spring Day—-Tuesday, April 23, 2018

  1. That question is not as simple as it sounds. I am doing something that I never wanted to do while I am waiting to be able to get back to work, but I have been enjoying it so much that I do not want to leave. It is like when Dorothy is about to fly away in the hot air balloon, and must say goodbye to here friends in Oz. There are only a few of us on the farm. We do not see much of each other during the day because the area is so big, with mountains and creeks separating us. I know I will go back because it is where I belong, but for now, I am enjoying working with about a dozen very interesting people who I interact with quite regularly. I wish I could take them all back with me!


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