The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— Farm Report

Well, this isn’t about the farm. But is about the farm yard, to be specific its about the farm yard drive way…

Yep the really nice FEDEX driver showed up.  I’m always cautious…there is a mean UPS driver so I take my time warming up to these drivers.  But this guy is nice.  He always wants to make friends.  Then he hands me a cookie before he walks to the house to give mom her package.

That’s about the farm yard road.

Out on the ditch bank there are lots of little raccoon critters.  We have a huge group of them.  Sometimes they travel all the way into the farm yard and skitter around out back where the hay is always stacked.

I like to go out and see who is there.  A couple of the raccoons are my friends.  We ‘do’ things together.

I go with Mom all the time.  We go change water.  We also go over to my sister’s so I can see my dog cousins,

and we head out and check on the fences —

good fences make good neighbors, Mom always says.

Mindy cat is a farm cat.  She is really good at catching mice.  Really good.  She sometimes eats so many she herks them back up.  I just sniff the herk, but—not to my taste.  I leave it there until Mom comes along and picks it up with a shovel.

I don’t know what Mom does with it, but…something.  Anyway, it’s gone.

And the wind…don’t get me started about the wind…it’s been so strong that it lifts my ears right up in the air.  Mom says I look cute with my ears blowing in the wind.

Well, that my farm report.  Mom and I hope you have a good weekend.

Boom Beaglie Brown a.k.a. Sherlock Boomer

20 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— Farm Report

  1. What a great report, B. I agree with your mom about the ears. Nuthin’ cuter than flying beagle ears. Mindy’s eating habits are kind of disturbing. If Mom ever saw a mouse, I’m pretty sure she’d burn the house down.

    Love and licks,


    • The mean one always jumps at me and growls, then tries to kick me. Mom told that driver the last time…the next time he did such a thing she was calling his boss! Boomer


  2. Rhody only recently met a kitty! He was terrified of kittens, probably because he did not know what they were. When they ran after him to play, he ran away, leaving them baffled in the dust! It was sad. He is now acquainted with an adult cat who used to live mostly inside. Now, he wants to play, but the kitty does not. The kittens are older now, so perhaps they can play with Rhody without scaring him away. Kitties are strange.


      • I took in a feral can that someone had dumped off with her kittens in my former neighborhood. I thought that she would help with the rodents. Perhaps she did. The problem was that once she came to live with me, she decided that she was no longer feral and moved into the tiny home, along with two other feral cats, Bill the terrier, Timmy the baby deer and whomever else they invited over. It all happened at the same time.


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