The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— Farm Report

Well, this isn’t about the farm. But is about the farm yard, to be specific its about the farm yard drive way…

Yep the really nice FEDEX driver showed up.  I’m always cautious…there is a mean UPS driver so I take my time warming up to these drivers.  But this guy is nice.  He always wants to make friends.  Then he hands me a cookie before he walks to the house to give mom her package.

That’s about the farm yard road.

Out on the ditch bank there are lots of little raccoon critters.  We have a huge group of them.  Sometimes they travel all the way into the farm yard and skitter around out back where the hay is always stacked.

I like to go out and see who is there.  A couple of the raccoons are my friends.  We ‘do’ things together.

I go with Mom all the time.  We go change water.  We also go over to my sister’s so I can see my dog cousins,

and we head out and check on the fences —

good fences make good neighbors, Mom always says.

Mindy cat is a farm cat.  She is really good at catching mice.  Really good.  She sometimes eats so many she herks them back up.  I just sniff the herk, but—not to my taste.  I leave it there until Mom comes along and picks it up with a shovel.

I don’t know what Mom does with it, but…something.  Anyway, it’s gone.

And the wind…don’t get me started about the wind…it’s been so strong that it lifts my ears right up in the air.  Mom says I look cute with my ears blowing in the wind.

Well, that my farm report.  Mom and I hope you have a good weekend.

Boom Beaglie Brown a.k.a. Sherlock Boomer


April, Wet and Chill—-Tuesday, May 8, 2018

April left us, that wet and chill month, with the massive winds that searched into every crevice and ripped off shingles…the chill of the spring dusk causing the furnace to turn on now and again.

Still the plants woke, putting on a few green leaves, then more, until they studded the flower beds and shimmered the pastures in newness only Spring can bring.

The little humming birds have arrived…I think there are six breeding pairs here so far.  The air around their little wings humming so much it it’s like a harp making music.

May has arrived and the winds have changed…growing warm and gentle instead of those massive things we had in March and April.

A calm time.  The skies full of sunlight.  A time of growing and acceptance.

The first time in years!

MAY! What a joyous time!

Your friend on a western Colorado Farm,



The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—The Mystery Where I Use a Secret

Chapter Three

Later on in the night….like waaaaaaaaaaaaay later.  I woke-up with a start!

OH! Mom is right here by my bed, “Want to go for a walk, Beaglie Boo?” Mom asked me.

You Bet I did!

I jumped up.  Then stopped.  At my advanced age I decided that I needed to wake up my brain, my body, and my toes before I headed out the back door with Mom.

And Mindy.

Mindy was zipping out the back door while Mom was holding the back door open.

But first things first I stopped, opened my jaws wide, curled up my tongue, took in a breath of very nice fresh air (seems the wind is blowing from the west right into the back door) reached my front paws out, way out, gave my back a ssssssssssssstreeeeeeeatchhhhhhhhhhh, then brought my back paws up to their normal spot under my belly, gave my head a complete shaking; enough my ears flapped me in the face, then shook my body from my neck to my tail.


Good to go!

I helped Mom push the door a little further open and we were OUT THE DOOR ready to go!

I ran a little ways ahead of Mom, Mindy came along in the back, then the side, then right up with me, then she ducked under one of Dad’s piles of something or other—Dad keeps piles of ‘stuff’ so if he has to make something he has a part right there somewhere in the pile.

We all walked to the cross-over pipe, then started back toward the house.  Walking up was sorta hard, we were walking INTO the wind.  I decided I didn’t want to just walk a straight line, in to the wind, like Mom was doing; I would walk here and there like Mindy.  Only I was going to look for things that interest ME not the things that Mindy was finding interesting.

Although, I have to admit once we got to the cross-over pipe Mindy and I both had to sniff out the ditches up there to see who and what has been or is about.

Then Mom was calling us, saying “Let’s head home, everybody!”

We saw Mom turn around and start walking back.  Min-Min cat and I headed sorta straight back, in rather crooked lines…here, there, and everywhere.

This time going back the wind was a good thing…it pushed us along, making time move faster than when we were heading into the wind.

Just about back to where the haystack yard is— we met


He was heading to his little hallow he calls home—this time with his dinner in his mouth.

Mom quickly snapped a photo, then grabbed Mindy.  As Kit dashed by Mom holding Mindy, and myself walked on past the haystack yard and back into the farm yard.

About three feet from the gas tank the game camera went off giving Mom a bit of start.

We all laughed…Mom and me, but not Mindy.

“Let’s all go inside…I don’t need to lie awake worrying about your safety tonight”.  Mom said.

I rushed in and settled right down on my bed, Mom took that wiggling, squirming cat and let her down in the kitchen.  Then Mom took off her coat, petted me good night, whispered good night to the cat and was gone.

I settled right down to a long winter night sleep.  Those night walks with Mom are good!


The Pulsing Ebb and Flow of Light Filled Wonder—Tuesday, October 17, 2017

This world is a wonder…really!  Every single day —  trapped in ordinariness–the little sparks of joy are softly veiled waiting for us to see them

Like the fluttering of a leaf on the wind

Or a ride in a stormy night

Our days move minute by minute, in a deep humming, like webs of music — and our beating hearts

If we just take the time to look, feel and listen —there in the silence, which really isn’t silent

Wonder is there— in the sparkle of the lasting stars, at the moon’s edge, in the black silver night


The glimpses of beauty are there.

From my world to your heart,


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-My Job

Besides going out with Mom

Helping Dad change the water

I have a really big job!

It’s to keep the farm safe!


I have much to do—those crazy raccoons are so brave they walk RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY DOG HOUSE!  I know because they always leave a little poop behind.

That’s why I’ve taken to sleeping outside…MY CHOICE!

Mom brings me inside, but … well, you know … there are critters outside!

I chase off the

  • raccoons…they run zipping and playing, with me right behind them
  • I protect the corn!
  • Chase the fox—he is pretty fun to chase
  • Make the squirrels scatter
  • Go for walks with Mom

The deer have been pretty hard on the corn.

You see they eat the silk…

the silk is what feeds the little kernels of corn so they will fatten up and become


It’s been pretty hard work this year, but so far I’ve been able to do it.

I am feeling well again.

Mom says that is a very good thing!

I agree!






The Heart of the Night—-Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Last night was beautiful after a day full of heat and humidity

We sat water late.  Very late, as the sun sank orange and blue in the west.

It was way past last light when we got back into the yard

Later, in the darkest hour when the shadow travelers tread the earth —  Boomer and I went for a wee walk-about…Mindy didn’t know we were walking, she was on the hunt

We came upon a beautiful little kit fox hunting by itself, an owl hooting in the willow tree.

The night world trembling with small noises, which seem loud.

The wind picked up a couple of last years old corn leaves; flung them into the air…  a tiny devil twister making the night air swirl…

A wee night walk… shadowed grass, starlit skies, night creatures, plus Boomer and I.

From my heart to your world,





The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-My World View

That wily fox zips through the farm yard every morning EARLY!  I’ve taken to sleeping outside in my dog house, since the days and nights are so hot.  That is how I KNOW he zips through.

I just let him run through. He never stays long and always seems in a big hurry.

Then Mom and Dad are up, we all eat breakfast and out we go to change water.  Sometimes the water is in the corn field, or the other corn field, or the pinto bean field, or….it’s right out front in the alfalfa field.  Where ever it is that’s where we go, first thing in the morning.

Then we go back out after lunch and just before dark!

Mindy Lou cat likes to follow me around and around, no matter where I am she is sure to be.

That’s alright…Min-Min and I are best friends.  I haven’t had a best friend since my wonderful buddy, Fuzzy Dude McDoddle Brown died.  It seems just like yesterday we were hanging around together.

Sam Cat really doesn’t do much with us.  He is the BOSS and we do what he wants.

Mom says Sammy is very old now so he doesn’t have to do ANYTHING if he doesn’t want too!

I always, I mean ALWAYS go out and gather the news on the farm.  I do it first thing in the morning, again after the mailman comes (there is LOTS of interesting smells on mailman tires), sometime after my afternoon nap, and then just before bed.

I gather the news out on the ditch bank too.  I call that work, because Mom and Dad are working.

Sometimes Romeo comes over.

I have to be careful around Romeo, he likes to nip by butt— right by my tail area.  It’s happened a time or two and, boy, does that make my beagle legs move FAST!

All in all my days are pretty full.


P.S.  Here is the world on my level!  🙂