The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— For the Birds

Well, here we are …Dad has pulled and bladed all the pinto beans and they are drying in the field.  Now everything depends on the weather for how long it takes the pinto bean pods to dry.

So that is enough about that!

Now about the birds…. the little Barn Swallows are starting to try out their wings.  Every day they fly just a little bit further than yesterday.

Still coming back to sleep in that very crowded nest at night.  FOUR little ones in one nest!  Beats me how they do it.

Sleep in the nest, I mean.  When I look up there they look C.R.O.W.D.E.D!


They aren’t big enough to go out on their own…the mom and dad birds are still feeding them. 

Even when the kids are sitting on the rooftop.

The hummingbirds are becoming less and less here.  Makes Mom sad, but she told me (while petting all over my belly); “They have to leave, Boomie or they could never make it through the winter.  Winter is coming.”


While out doing the ‘stuff’ we always do on the farm

I ran into a couple of pheasants!  Boy! Those birds sure can scare the heck out of me…if I run into them they squawk really loud, flap their wings and fly right up into the air.  Sometimes it scares me so bad I lose my scent on the ground!!!!!


That reminds me.  I saw Quade the Quail yesterday!

Quade was checking out the neighborhood on top of one of Dad’s pieces of equipment. He didn’t run off or jump down or anything, so I stopped by and we had a wee chat.

Quade agrees with me…. Fall is here!  Quade also predicts a hard winter.  I asked him if that means lots of snow…he just shook his head and said Hard.  Very hard.  Then lifted his wings and flew way up into the nearby tree.

Well, I guess hard is hard.  Either too dry or too much snow.  I guess only time will tell.

Boomer Beaglie Brown

18 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— For the Birds

  1. Boomer! You have such amazing birds. The same things are happening here, although with different birds. I think our hummers migrated and the ones we are seeing now are migrants from up north. They are very wild!


  2. Awww, Boom ~ You give the best farm reports. I am so surprised those swallows haven’t flown. They were huge and crowded a week ago! I like your new friend Quade. Not sure about his prediction on the winter- but he probably knows. Best start working around here,
    Take care!


  3. Thanks for all the news about what’s going on at the farm. You’re a great reporter. I hope Quade is wrong about a hard winter as far as temperatures are concerned, but several good snow storms would sure help get moisture into the ground.


  4. hello boomer its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow luk at that big quail chikkin bird thing!!! i wood luv to see wun of those i cud praktiss my poynting on it!!! and uh oh winter is coming i did not no yoo livd in westeros!!! i hope yoo ar avoyding all the fighting and those nasty lannisters!!! ok bye


  5. You have lots of different birds Boomer, I am very jealous that you have pheasants! I figure I have made my last batch of hummer food…they were really busy at the feeders today…maybe getting ready to go:(


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