A Wee Ride—Thursday, September 6, 2018

One day last week we took a wee ride; after putting the top on the car 🙂

This was the most darling yard in Ouray, Colorado.  I just had to take a photo to share it with you.

As everyone knows, not only is the west burning, we are also in the midst of a terrible drought.  Water has been extremely short this year; areas in the up-country (Cedaredge and the North Fork truly suffering for water.)

Here on the farm, we have made due with 60% or less of our allotment (we have shares of Uncompaghre Valley Water).

The horror stories of the shrinking of our dams prompted us to drive up and see…Blue Mesa is extremely low…extremely

Ridgway Dam so low the boat unloading and loading dock is wayyyyy up there.

Everyone is saying if it doesn’t snow this winter…and snow LOTS!  In feet of snow…there will be no farming next year.

Very scary!

Still, no matter what, I have hope!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



22 thoughts on “A Wee Ride—Thursday, September 6, 2018

  1. Is it time to consider retirement or partial retirement? We are like a piece of equipment, and no matter how well maintained we are, things eventually begin to go wrong. We had to retire before we intended, but now that we are “wearing out” some of our parts. I’m glad we did. The time passes for us to do so many things we put off until later. We are also beginning to lose friends which which makes me feel better about quitting when we did. Of course, only men retire. Women just keep on cooking.

    We both have other part-time activities–some paid and some not. We planned ahead and were able to take up old interests and make them useful. I think it’s very hard for some men to retire as they lose their identity and importance. Think about the things you always wanted to do–see–experience–etc. Check out the job you would like to have had. What about travel? Grandchildren? They will be gone fast.

    Some people work too long and never get to do the extra things.

    I also understand the urge to farm, to stay on your “place”; that’s why I suggested a partial retirement.
    There are lots of options and combinations; you just have to find what suits you. My Mother worked until she was 93 and then drove us all crazy!!! Some people just can’t quit. I understand that too. Maybe just listen to your body and cut back a little. Just don’t give up your blog.

    Lots of luck with your choices. There is not a wrong one!

    Good luck,



    • Thanks, Katie. We’ve been talking about this all this growing season. Finding something to do is Terry’s concern. We’ve looked into getting a camper or a cabin on a lake, but always come back to the fact that farming makes life fun. Still we are seriously thinking about just those things you wrote so carefully about to us! Hugs

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  2. That dam level is terrible to see but that is the case here in most of Australia.
    This drought here is costing an unbelievable amount of money.
    Donations to the relief appeals have been so heart warming – people thank God
    just realise that without the rural community cities do not survive.

    For God’s sake just don;t retire, I cannot in my wildest dreams see Terry just
    sitting around on a porch, and for that matter you, Linda, either.
    Slow down a bit, eh!!!

    Snazzy convertible. Does Boomer get a ride?
    I reckon he would put on a sulking fit to beat all sulks if he was left always
    at home.


  3. Scary, indeed! I just wish there were a way to use a pipeline to move water. It is hard to see towns with dams filled to bursting, and flood waters rising. I suppose when water gets more valuable than oil it might come to pass. Recently I read an article about Miami’s water supply being threatened as ocean levels rise. Scary stuff.


  4. I like Katie’s message to you up above. There’s a lot to think about Linda….that’s for sure. I have worried about your lack of moisture all year and can see from the pics that it’s so dry all around your area. Sure hope you can come up with a solution if there’s very little snowfall this winter. Know that we’re all thinking of you and praying for you.


    • Terry says the solution will be to rent out the farm next year if we have snow. If we don’t we will be hanging it up right along with all the other farmers in our area. COME ON SNOW!!!


  5. I do love that little garden.
    It is hard to think about retirement—I retired sooner than I thought I would. First i got laid off well actually pushed out. “They” decided to replace me with a new buyer and greenhouse supervisor but wanted me to stay and train the new person and then stay in a reduced position. I said bye bye and the new guy lasted 6 months and then replaced with my second. I feel I had the last laugh. And then my husband had a stroke and I stayed home to care for him. He passed away 10 yrs ago. He had retired 10 yrs earlier. So I say listen to your body and keep your hand in at farming–cuz ya love it—maybe on a smaller scale. I am busier now than I ever have been and I am nearing 80—oh how I hate to say that but I don’t want to think about the alternative.


    • Me either! The alternative is (well you and I both know) I think those people made a huge mistake. I’m glad you said bye-bye. I also very sorry about the lost of your husband. 😦


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