A Wee Ride—Thursday, September 6, 2018

One day last week we took a wee ride; after putting the top on the car ūüôā

This was the most darling yard in Ouray, Colorado.  I just had to take a photo to share it with you.

As everyone knows, not only is the west burning, we are also in the midst of a terrible drought.  Water has been extremely short this year; areas in the up-country (Cedaredge and the North Fork truly suffering for water.)

Here on the farm, we have made due with 60% or less of our allotment (we have shares of Uncompaghre Valley Water).

The horror stories of the shrinking of our dams prompted us to drive up and see…Blue Mesa is extremely low…extremely

Ridgway Dam so low the boat unloading and loading dock is wayyyyy up there.

Everyone is saying if it doesn’t snow this winter…and snow LOTS!¬† In feet of snow…there will be no farming next year.

Very scary!

Still, no matter what, I have hope!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




In Need of a Wee Break—-Tuesday, April 10, 2018

In need of a wee break, Terry and I decided to head up to Ouray and relax for a couple of hours in that marvelous hot spring pool.

We changed the water in the dazzling rays of early morning

Then headed up to where the snow still veiled the mountains, and wind ruffled freezing fingers into your hair.

Once in the water all the cares and worries died to a murmur, while others in the pool laughed softly among themselves.

The snow laid heavily on the amazing peaks…sometime reflecting into millions of diamonds.¬† Once in awhile we could see rock climbers braving the face on the rugged cliffs, warmed by the afternoon sun.

Back home we came, just in time for sunset and the last change of water.


And ready to continue our daily lives on a western Colorado farm,

Your friend,


Fifty Years on December 21, Sunday, December 24, 2017

“Maybe the Universe fights for souls to be together.¬† Somethings are too strange and strong to be coincidences.”–Emery Allen

On December 21st, the shortest day of the year, and the Equinox of Winter Terry and I


For this momentous time our children all got together and gave us a Anniversary Trip to the Wiesbaden Hot Springs and Lodge in Ouray, Colorado—complete with 90 minutes massages and money for eating out.

They splurged on the Sun Room HoneyMoon Suite

And a special soak in the Lorelei Private Hot Spring Pool.

Shannon did all our animals and chores for us while we were gone.

Fifty Years and great kids…there really isn’t much more anyone else could ask for.

From our world to your heart,


Sometimes….Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Around ten o’clock yesterday, Terry exclaimed…”I’m tired of doing work! ¬†I’m tired. ¬†I want to do something different.”

“Okay,” I replied. ¬†“What do you have in mind?”

“Let’s take a little drive, nothing far, or hard to get too, nothing full of dirt and concern over hunters. ¬†Someplace we can see that is different from the farm.”

“Hummm”…..we pondered together.

“Let’s go to Ouray,[ Colorado]!” he announced. “We can get a bite to eat on the way up, stop and get my part for the pick-up on the way back, and be home by supper.”

Main-Street-OuraySo we did! ūüôā

Your friend,



Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Yesterday we had a huge mine accident in Ouray, Colorado.

Once more my heart goes out to all the friends and family and loved ones!

3Accidents are always hard at anytime –during the holidays they always seem worse!

With heartfelt sadness,

Your friend,



July 21, 2013

Terry’s family had a family reunion at Ouray, Colorado starting Friday night and ending today. We went up for Friday night. ¬†Ouray is just an hour and a half from here, a short drive.

While up there we got to go in and have a very brief tour of the Beaumont Hotel...I must say that it appealed to my sense of historical interest.


If you ever get a chance to go to Ouray and you love old things please try to spend a night there. ¬†If you don’t like historical things The Ouray Victorian Inn is a great place to stay also. ¬†Those folks are very nice and the Inn is even dog friendly. ¬†The complimentary breakfast is served on real dishes with behind the counter waiters. ¬†I very much recommend this Inn as a place to stay.

I have been a little behind on getting all my comments answered. ¬†Please forgive me, my life has been extremely over-whelming lately, but I hope to get back to a comfortable routine. ¬†As I get older I realize that routines are not dull and boring, but nice…they help keep a person steady and keep everything going forward.

Today, Sunday, is seeing the last of our consistent monsoonal thunder and lightening storms.  We will start to move out of this tiny little monsoon toward hot August weather.

Terry got the alfalfa cut last night to start drying.  I always know we are in the middle of summer when that happens.   If the heat stays and a small drying wind springs up, by Thursday we should have the hay baled and hauled in.  The weatherman says we should be in good form for another round of nice rich hay.  Magic thoughts that he is right!

The third and last cutting of alfalfa should be around the first of September, in 6 weeks.

Off now to visit you and answer your comments!



July 10, 2013

We picked up our friend, Sheryl Williams, by 8 in the morning and headed off to Ouray, Colorado.

Once there we started up the Million Dollar Highway turning off a short way above the Box Canyon turn off onto the road to to Imogene Pass.

We would go up this side of Imogene and come down into Telluride.

The weather was perfect!


This shows you the road up.  To get to the top we will climb over 13,000 feet.


We took it slow, stopping and getting photos of wild flowers,  and eating lunch along the way.

The assent was steep, to say the least


That patch of green was full of wild flowers of all types and COLUMBINES!!


Almost on the top we saw an area of even more Columbines….


When you stand on the top

The-topeYou can look down into the area where Telluride exists, a sea of mountain tops


And over the side to Red Mountain where the Million Dollar pass and the Red Mountain Pass are.

Red-MountainThe road down the other side into Telluride is

Down-Imogene-1We took some friends with us once, who lived in New Jersey…they kissed the ground when we finally got down into Telluride. I think you can see why.

The-TownThat is the road we had to keep going down to get to that tiny spot called Telluride.

Once in town we ate ice cream and headed back home.

This is a quick trip, but I hope you enjoyed yourself!


July 9, 2013

Aspen-treesI loved the Quaking Aspen trees….my maternal grandfather and grandmother (Bill and Ruth Thomas) would take my brother and I camping and fishing – sometimes even for a weekend — on Grand Mesa. ¬†He loved the Quaking Aspen trees and would always say he wanted to buried in a pine box with a Quaking Aspen for a tombstone and wildflowers all over his grave.

I love those trees also, more than likely it was his love of the trees that gave me my love of them — grandparents give so many things to their grandchildren don’t they? ¬†And the things they give are never with strings attached.

Anyway, as soon as we get the water set we are off to Imogene Pass—this is a old, old pass between Ouray and Telluride (To Hell You Ride) for a little day of four-wheeling.

I will be taking you with us…so off I go now to get ready. ¬†The lunch is packed and so is the pick-up!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

We had a very busy and exciting day yesterday.

By 7:30 in the morning we were headed to Ouray, Colorado, to watch the Hard Rock Drilling Contest.

Ouray was first known for all of it mining, way back when, and that mining was for gold and silver. ¬†Hard Rock Mining. ¬†As far as I know there is no coal in ‘them thar hills’.

Today there are very few mines operating….although, there is still ‘lots of gold’ in the mountains surrounding Ouray. ¬†Mostly Ouray is now a wonderful place to visit, hot springs, good food, and outstanding¬†scenery.

The drillers come from all over.

Yesterday, was the second day of the contest, we didn’t stay for every thing since we had been invited to our daughter and son-in-law’s place that evening for a yummy supper.

The above photo is of the bootleg jack contest

The last contest we got to watch was the mucking machine

This guy was so sure and steady that his dirt never spilled out of the cart and he filled it in record time.

Cliff got a smoker for his birthday this year.  He invited us down to each smoked BBQ Pulled Pork and Turkey. Chef Cliff did a great job!


Photo stolen from Cliff’s FB page! ¬†THANKS! CLIFF!



Ouray to Telluride, Colorado by Way of Imogene Pass

Starting in Ouray, Colorado ( I took 239 photos, but you will only see a few of them, around 14)  In the beginning Telluride was called To Hell You Ride, from this pass you can see why.


The way is narrow and steep


With a few four-wheeled drive vehicles, nothing like the Telluride side.


For some reason the flys were thick


This part of the road is pure rock


That is an old Miner’s house


We are headed to the top of Imogene at this point


Almost there!  I always feel like I can truly say I am in the middle of the Rocky Mountains when I get here.  Nothing but peaks and peaks of other mountains.


Looking down on Red Mountain.  The major highway from Ouray to Durango goes through these mountains.  Million Dollar Highway, Red Mountain, Molas, and Coalbank, all big passes and beautiful and dangerous in the winter.


The TOP!  Elevation 13,114 feet


Starting down into Telluride


Down is always worse than up.  No I do NOT do any of the driving!!!


We started to meet lots of people on this road. See the ski slope way over there?


I’ll post about the Tom Boy Mine next time.¬† We are almost down at this point.