2018 Pinto Bean Harvest —-Sunday, September 9,2018

The pinto beans are finally dry enough we started the harvesting process.

Off we went (Boomer and me on the four-wheeler, Terry in the grain truck) until we arrived at the in-place combine.

The earth was warm, the air hot to scorching, and the dust flying out of the back of the combine as the dry plants were lifted up, shelled and loaded into the hopper….while the broken stems and pods were crushed and flung out the back.

Then later in the day…late afternoon, a surprise rainbow appeared.

We took a wee break as the daytime dissolved into the night.  Setting the water for the still green and growing corn field.

Then we went back to the field continuing until full dark.

Glorious Harvest!  No one could ask for more.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



19 thoughts on “2018 Pinto Bean Harvest —-Sunday, September 9,2018

  1. Hi Linda,
    I just found your blog, I am in Lewis ( Just north of Cortez). Glad you guys were able to get beans this year most everyone here didn’t plant or if they did didn’t get much. Looking forward to looking through your blog. Love when I can find someone that is somewhat close. Have a great day.


  2. I miss harvest so much. It has been so long that I forget what happens when. I think this was the in between time, after the dried apricots are gone, but before the pruning starts. It seems like the mustard was knocked down about now, but I really do not remember. Goodness, I do not even remember what happened to the mustard! Only the perimeters of the orchards got disked.


      • That would make sense. The difference here might have been that it would not have been necessary to mow if the mustard fell down naturally. Earlier in the year, some of the abandoned orchards might have provided as much mustard as fruit for the neighbors. I believe that mustard was the most common cover crop, and happened to be what survived and displaced other cover crops. Radish greens were not common.


  3. “no one could ask for more” –> as I read that I heard Paul McCartney in my head (when i’m 64) “doin’ the garden, diggin’ the weeds, who could ask for more?”. you ‘n Mr. Beatle were on parallel threads there, methinx ~


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