The Loss of Vital Moisture—Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Back to our little trip with good friends, Larry and Glenda, on Saturday.

Although, we have known, have driven around and seen all the horrendous loss to the lakes in Gunnison and Ridgway, and on Grand Mesa

Riding in the backcountry, brought the tremendous loss right up front.

 The need for snow and rain is huge

Since Larry and Glenda live on Grand Mesa year-round, I asked if there are any signs that the snowpack will be abundant this coming winter.

They both explained that if the Fireweed is correct….(the old-timers say when the Fireweed is abundant it means there will be lots and lots of snow come winter)—Grand Mesa should have lots of snow.

Click on the blue link to see information about the Fireweed.

They continued on explaining that this year, on the Grand Mesa, the wildflowers were rich and abundant and very plentiful.  Especially the Fireweed.

Click on the blue link to see photos of Fireweed.

Excellent news, don’t you think?

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


17 thoughts on “The Loss of Vital Moisture—Wednesday, September 26, 2018

  1. We are getting mixed predictions this year, and for us, it is still a bit too early to be accurate anyway. Rhody does not seem unusually fuzzy yet, but some cats supposedly are. Horses do not seem to have changed much either. Coyotes and deer seem to be well groomed, which likely means that they will be getting a thick undercoat. Most predictions are for a cold but dry winter. A bit of cold weather is what holds the snow in Sierra Nevada for us, but it does not do much good if there is not much snow. I do not know how that relates to your region of Colorado.


  2. My son is living in the mountains of Arizona and they had almost no snow last winter. The ski resorts had no business and that affects the amount and quality of ground water. I hope the old timers are right about the Fire weed. I’ve never seen them but I’m in the city and anything that resembles a weed is almost illegal here. ;( Keeping my fingers crosses for all that need it.


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