Shimmering in Winter’s Frozen Light—-Thursday, January 24, 2019

I have been hanging out at the bird feeders lately

Trying to get some good photos of birds in flight…

I love how their wings leave a soft sigh in the air, or swoosh as they takeoff

I have to be careful as this little fur ball loves to come with me…and that is never a good thing.  The birds leave the area in a wind churning frenzy.

This little bird was way up high, listening to the silence of the sky

Last evening, as the sky started to purple and fade a female Great Horned Owl and her mate stopped by

They were delightful to listen too and then to watch leave…silently lifting up from the branches; floating away like a breath of wind

During the day the air is alive with the shimmering sounds of the Sand Hill Cranes

Their thrilling call is beautiful.

They spend the night on the farm also, but are so silent one doesn’t know they are here.

The Canada Geese do not seem to like to be where the cranes are.  Rather sad, I tell them all the time they are welcome.

Still, they fly on their calls adding to the trills of the cranes on the ground.

What lovely creatures add to our long winter days!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




20 thoughts on “Shimmering in Winter’s Frozen Light—-Thursday, January 24, 2019

  1. I bet the Sandhills are gorgeous sights and sounds! Kinda funny that the geese don’t hang around with them. You are getting owls and gorgeous skies again ~ yea!
    It’s snowing here….


  2. The Sand Hill Cranes would be good fertilisers! I dare say would bring a
    smile to Terry’s face plus of course the calving cows!
    Far cheaper than the stuff from the stores!

    You don’t know how lucky you are – no killer Indian Mynah birds.
    Everyone of your native little birds would disappear as fast as you can blink.
    I am a total war with my murderous ones here, but they are as crafty and cunning
    as “cut snakes” – in other words I am losing the battle “ROYALE”! Damn!


  3. I can hardly wait for the first of the geese to come back to us, then followed by the Sandhills. Now the winter night is totally silent….not even a coyote howl now. Dense fog today, too. When the big flocks of Sandhills come in Spring, they drop off two pairs here and they try to raise young and by fall the flocks pick them up again. Wish I had them all winter like you do, but we have no grain fields here. You are fortunate to have wings at your farm all winter.


  4. The soft sound of wings is so lovely. I was remembering earlier this morning a time in WY when a small group of Canadian Geese flew low over the spot where I was working. Incredible that the ‘shush’ of their feathers could be heard above their honking.


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