The Sun Casting Long Shadows — Sunday, January 27, 2019

Yesterday morning was brisk and cold

So we worked on the log pile cutting and sorting firewood (not having to work in mud–the ground was frozen, you see)

I am NOT a fan of cottonwood…it stinks when it burns and leaves lots of chunks

Gradually our wood is getting cleaned up and sorted and hauled to the house for warmth

There is still lots of winter left, soon we will be hauling from our other wood piles behind the barn and up at the Back Forty

But the stack yard is starting to look rather nice

Then in the late afternoon, as the sun’s heartbeat poised for a wee second on the western horizon, just before the dark rose up

Our sky turned golden

Filling our world with long shadows

And stunning light!

From my heart to your world,


20 thoughts on “The Sun Casting Long Shadows — Sunday, January 27, 2019

  1. Your photos of skies are gorgeous! Firewood is lots of work, every which way. We stacked ours right out the garage door, which if we don’t burn it all I get to more back tot the wood piles in spring. So I vote… burn that wood!!!


  2. I am so sick of winter, although the sunsets and icy skies are best then. Good news: THE GEESE ARE BACK!!! Huge flock flew over this afternoon with their joyous calling and honking. We’re back, we’re back. Soon we will see snow geese and swans…and lastly the cranes. We went outside and waved them a Hello.


  3. Poplar is actually what I grew for firewood in town, not because it was a good firewood, but because it was so fast and reliable. There were six Lombardy poplars, which are the same genus as cottonwood. I could cut one down annually, and by the time I got back to it six years later, it had grown back enough to make firewood for the year. It did not provide all the wood, but combined with what I dragged home from work, it was sufficient.


  4. Charlee: “We enjoy the sun no matter what it’s doing.”
    Chaplin: “As long as there are puddles of it for us to lie in, it’s all good.”
    Charlee: “But we have to say, we do like that golden light at sunset!”


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