Racing Across an Icy Land—-Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Yesterday we loaded up ourselves, the pick-up and the snowmachines and headed to Grand Mesa

Where I started to get back my ‘snow-machining legs’, which I had left behind in 2002.

Of course, Terry didn’t have any problems

He raced up and down hills while I stayed safely on the trails.  Although, sometimes I did venture into the pale whiteness and take myself up and down a few short climbs.

By the time the blizzard was in earnest, we decided to load up and head home.

A brief outing into the frozen, brittle and crisp snow on Grand Mesa.

It was extremely exhilarating and refreshing!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



22 thoughts on “Racing Across an Icy Land—-Tuesday, February 5, 2019

  1. Great to be able for a snow thrilled tobogganing ride or motor racing
    on a snow bike!
    I recall having this fun way back in the early 60’s at Falls Creek here
    in Australia.
    Now the spirit “may” be willing but no way would my back survive – probably
    even the thought.
    Cheers from a not/never snowy Terrigal.


  2. Jan made me smile too. I’m no longer a fan of getting out there in the snow. It’s butt cold here like we haven’t seen in years and the ice and snow left us in a mess for commuting this morning. I extended myself enough to take the trash to the curb but they decided not to pick up today. ;( They are weenies too. I’m glad you kept an eye on the hubby so someone could call for help if necessary. 😉 It is refreshing to be in fresh snow.


  3. Awesome pics today Linda. Do you have that much snow at home? Love seeing you on your snowmobiles. Reminds me of home! Glad you had a fun exhilarating time of it! Beautiful scenery!


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