I Believe in God —– Tuesday, February 26, 2019

How can a person NOT believe in God, when the world is full of such beauty

When everything surrounding us whispers in shadowy voices of someone or something ‘more’ than us?

That God and his Son and all the Disciples and Disciplines and Angels and Studies of Religions and the Beliefs in the Goodness of Man

Even those magical worlds of fairies and elves and gnomes πŸ™‚

Roar loudly that God is Infinite

And we, the human race is more than a heartbeat in time.

I believe in a Maker who does not make you feel guilty for just being alive—that thought is extremely saddening.

Although I can not explain my feelings, my heart bursts with love for being able to live on this amazing creation called Earth in this extraordinary weave I call my life.

From my heart to your world,


20 thoughts on “I Believe in God —– Tuesday, February 26, 2019

  1. Thanks be to God for wonderful people like you Linda, who share their special thoughts and feelings with us every day! And show us in such beautiful photo’s too! You are so right…. God is good and loves each one of us so much. We are blessed indeed.


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