Look to the Earth, Look to the Sky —-Sunday, April 14, 2019

(Hubbard, Papa (Henry Ashe), Henry Emmett —youngest son, and Willard top row,

seat William Hobson Thomas, Momma’s Dad and Momma, Ruth, Laverne.)

My Momma was the only grandchild/Niece of a large warm wonderful family on her Mother’s side.


She grew up knowing her Wootton grandfather, whom she called Papa, just as everyone else did.

(Her maternal Grandmother, Grace Elizabeth Hubbard Wootton 1879-1918)  died from an ear infection when the youngest of the nine children was just two years old)

(Momma on her way to school one morning)

This large wonderful, warm, funny, family always got together whenever they possibly could.

Momma would tell me that Papa (Henry Ashe Wootton 1871-1940) was a most interesting man.  She loved listening to the stories he told about his life and the lives of her Mother and all her Mother’s siblings, and his love of his life, Grace.  (Papa never remarried.)

Henry Ashe Wootton

One thing that always stuck her mind was Papa would say: “Look at the sky, marvel at its wonders, and also look at the ground, for you can find spectacular things there also”.

Momma said Papa’s desk had fun things he had found while out walking…an interesting rock, a bird’s feather, a shiny bit of this and that.

I must be a wee bit like Papa for I look always to the sky

And I watch closely on the ground

Yesterday afternoon, while taking some stuff to one of the outbuildings

My heart, mind, and eyes

Were dazzled by a tiny wee heart just waiting to be found.

From my world to your heart,



22 thoughts on “Look to the Earth, Look to the Sky —-Sunday, April 14, 2019

  1. Linda, thank you for posting your thoughts, life, farm and a bit of ancestry with your readers. I feel it is so important to remember those who shaped us and whose traits we share. Love the stunning skies you appreciate and the heart rock !


  2. A perfect happy heart! Just waiting for you — the perfect happy finder… I admire the way you are using those scanned photos to keep thei family stories alive. I keep thinking I’ll make time for a similar project, butblack your energy.


  3. I was very fortunate to have known some of my great grandparents. I did not know how awesome that was at the time. They were here for so much of the history that I can only read about. I suppose we all get our time, and that my experiences will be history someday too. I will be attending a wedding a week from tomorrow, and will be wearing the same tie that my paternal-paternal great grandfather wore to my parents’ wedding. I so rarely wear a tie, particularly that tie, so I hope that it is still around long after my time.


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