Look to the Earth, Look to the Sky —-Sunday, April 14, 2019

(Hubbard, Papa (Henry Ashe), Henry Emmett —youngest son, and Willard top row,

seat William Hobson Thomas, Momma’s Dad and Momma, Ruth, Laverne.)

My Momma was the only grandchild/Niece of a large warm wonderful family on her Mother’s side.


She grew up knowing her Wootton grandfather, whom she called Papa, just as everyone else did.

(Her maternal Grandmother, Grace Elizabeth Hubbard Wootton 1879-1918)  died from an ear infection when the youngest of the nine children was just two years old)

(Momma on her way to school one morning)

This large wonderful, warm, funny, family always got together whenever they possibly could.

Momma would tell me that Papa (Henry Ashe Wootton 1871-1940) was a most interesting man.  She loved listening to the stories he told about his life and the lives of her Mother and all her Mother’s siblings, and his love of his life, Grace.  (Papa never remarried.)

Henry Ashe Wootton

One thing that always stuck her mind was Papa would say: “Look at the sky, marvel at its wonders, and also look at the ground, for you can find spectacular things there also”.

Momma said Papa’s desk had fun things he had found while out walking…an interesting rock, a bird’s feather, a shiny bit of this and that.

I must be a wee bit like Papa for I look always to the sky

And I watch closely on the ground

Yesterday afternoon, while taking some stuff to one of the outbuildings

My heart, mind, and eyes

Were dazzled by a tiny wee heart just waiting to be found.

From my world to your heart,



Monday, November 4, 2013

Thank each and everyone of you for your good health wishes!  I am doing much better today.  It was a little rough with a tremendous headache and an accident with my ring finger on my left hand.


The accident happened when I dropped a large chunk of firewood on my finger against some metal.  The wood shattered the fingernail  in five pieces, broke the nail off, stabbed the broken nail into the bed of the finger (under that nail).  The bleeding wouldn’t stop for ever so long.  There is no way to clip off the nail to stop the bleeding…just a mess.  The next morning the finger had swollen enough that it pushed the nail pieces upward which relieved the bleeding problem.

I was feeling really sorry for myself when Terry and I went to the store to get a finger guard…a huge necessity…but I can’t wear it because the pad is damaged on the other side…just a mess.

I’m stopping here to tell you a story from my past, so I can finish the story from above.


My mother was born in Texas but grew up in Corona, New Mexico (I don’t think there is much there now).  When she grew up it was a pretty nice little town, the railroad went through and lots of people came and went.

Before the Great Depression hit and before the Dust Bowl Days descended, when Momma was still very young.  She got it in her head she really wanted some white shoes with a strap across the foot that she had seen in a store window when the family went to Roswell on a shopping trip.  She wanted those shoes so bad she even dreamed about them…so she took to pestering Gram and Granddad for the shoes.  Day and night she asked.  She prayed for them at the table anything to ‘get her point across’.

But Gram and Granddad kept explaining there isn’t enough money for something of that nature, you know the story.  But she wore them down and got to go back to Roswell to “GET THE SHOES!”

On the way to the store they meet a man on a flat board scooting along, without any legs or feet!

Seeing the man without any feet made her stop and turn to her parents and tell them she didn’t want the shoes and why.

She said she got some really big hugs and they went and had a Coke at the drugstore then came home.

(She told this to me many times …. so I would understand that what you have is really enough.)


Okay…so here I am really feeling sorry about my finger when (at the check stand) we meet a young man who had two of his fingers all bandaged up.  In the conversation we find out that he got his hand in hot tar at his work.  Even though he quickly peeled the tar off all the skin was burned from his hand and fingers.

My broken and shattered nail and damaged finger tip was nothing to compare!  So I told myself to just plow forward it can always be worse.


And it can!

If the storm doesn’t come in we will start combining either later today or tomorrow morning.  Finally!


Once more Thank You so much for your concern!

Your friend,