In a Roar of Rolling Thunder —- Monday, June 25, 2019

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(Photo by the Ute Trails Car Club)

The Ute Trails Car Club met at Hotchkiss City Market yesterday at noon, for a cruise to Hermit’s Rest on the Crawford side of the Black Canyon

Right at noon, we all headed out…it was impressive to hear the cars come to life and to watch the cars in front of us leading the way to the meeting site.

The place was cool/cold, but stunning in its beauty

Although, the air stopped just short of being visible while one talked

(Photo by the Ute Trails Car Club)

the company we were keeping was light, happy and warm

It’s at places like this one knows we truly live in the Rocky Mountains.

Anyway head on over the FaceBook page to see more photos

(Photo by the Ute Trails Car Club)

They got many wonderful photos of everyone’s car and activities.

And if anyone lives in the area of Delta or Montrose county and has a cool collector car you are welcome to join.ย  It only costs $10, no matter how many cars you own.ย  And there are really neat things to do.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,





17 thoughts on “In a Roar of Rolling Thunder —- Monday, June 25, 2019

  1. I would have LOVED this. I love old cars. I used to drive a 62 corsair convertible. It was difficult to maintain…had to find old parts or have new ones machined…but it was so fantastic. Weird to read about cold when it is so so hot here. Whew.


    • Terribly cold here. We had snow for two days in the mountains and had to sleep with an extra blanket and all the windows closed. BUT today we are back to normal YAY!


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