The Adventures of Mindy on Friday—-Farm Life Series 1, Friday, June 25, 2021


Since you are going to be outside with me—sigh.

You need to learn some things:

We, that means, you, me, Mom and Dad, live on a farm.

You live in the house…. where I wish you would stay 24-7.

But since YOU don’t WANT to stay inside, I guess I can say you live in the house and outside just like Mom, Dad, and Me.

We live and work on several acres of ground that belong to Mom and Dad and You and I.

Mostly you and I will hang around the Farm House and the Farm Yard.  That means you and I take care of the house and yards, the chicken pen, and the two tractor sheds, plus the equipment building, and Dad’s shop.

I (I NOT YOU) will take care of the equipment parking area and the hay stackyard. (And go on walks with Mom and Dad, but I won’t let you know that.)

You need to stay at the house and take care of the lawn.  I’ll handle the rest.

Oh, yes, you can go as far as the Butler Bins (grain bins) and the fuel tanks, but that’s far enough.

You can also go into the corrals but STAY OFF the canal banks. That water can get you.

Okay, you got all that?

Good.  That’s how it’s going to be.

Lesson One. We live on a farm.

Mindy Lou-Sue, or as Mom calls me, Min-Min

Grocery Shopping — Thursday, June 25, 2020

I have been fixing food for years now.  Lots and lots and lots of years

When I was very young I delighted in cooking. ‘Helping’ my Momma or one of my Grandmothers.

Then as a young wife, the excitement of creating food for my husband

Was an adventure (and an eating challenge, to say the least)

So time goes on, many trips to the grocery store occur, lots of meals prepared and eaten until we reach today

I think my whole life has been made up of food:

  • Thinking about food
  • Read books about food
  • Hunting a.k.a. grocery buy—- for food
  • Making food
  • Going to an eating place to order food
  • Waiting for people to bring me/us food
  • Talking with others about food

And now TODAY (while shopping) questioning the lack of food

To be honest with you, I’m tired of the subject of food.


From my heart to your world,





What You Hear in the Heart — Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Way back in the First Grade our granddaughter and Ellie became the very best of friends.

Then our granddaughter and her family moved, first to Craig, Colorado and now to Parachute, Colorado.

Over time, their friendship never really changed.  Sure, for a wee spell it looked like they were drifting away…because, after all, you do need friends to carry you on.

In the vast span of their (in reality) short lives

Their friendship has not changed. Only grown warmer and lengthened to include their experiences in different towns and schools, yet still circling their hearts with smiles for each other.

Truly friends for life.

From my world to your heart,


In a Roar of Rolling Thunder —- Monday, June 25, 2019

Image may contain: outdoor

(Photo by the Ute Trails Car Club)

The Ute Trails Car Club met at Hotchkiss City Market yesterday at noon, for a cruise to Hermit’s Rest on the Crawford side of the Black Canyon

Right at noon, we all headed out…it was impressive to hear the cars come to life and to watch the cars in front of us leading the way to the meeting site.

The place was cool/cold, but stunning in its beauty

Although, the air stopped just short of being visible while one talked

(Photo by the Ute Trails Car Club)

the company we were keeping was light, happy and warm

It’s at places like this one knows we truly live in the Rocky Mountains.

Anyway head on over the FaceBook page to see more photos

(Photo by the Ute Trails Car Club)

They got many wonderful photos of everyone’s car and activities.

And if anyone lives in the area of Delta or Montrose county and has a cool collector car you are welcome to join.  It only costs $10, no matter how many cars you own.  And there are really neat things to do.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,





Something Sweet and Fragile —- Monday, June 25, 2018

We have this darling little nest out in the tractor shed….where one set of hatchlings have already occurred

There are three nests there, but only one female sitting.  No true leisure for her.

Then letting the hen out of the hen house yesterday morning, I realized I had somehow trapped a hummingbird in with the hen overnight.

Well, that’s not a good thing I thought to myself.

Then later on in the afternoon, while laying fresh bedding down, a hummingbird buzzed my head…in the chicken house!

Non-plussed I wondered…what is going on here?!

Looking around to see what would be the attraction of little hummer to a chicken house

I found…

 Another solid little nest, complete with a tiny graceful female hummingbird.

Now the paradox has begun

How to keep the chicken safe from predators at night, allow the hummingbird to feed as long as possible (they feed until dark) and get out early enough (they start feeding at first light) and keep the hen safe.

So at first light, I rush out to the hen house, open the door.  Then at the very tail end of last light, I shut the door, even though the hen has been abed for a little while.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,





Singing Softly—-Sunday, June 25, 2017

This morning, as we were sitting tubes along one of the pinto bean fields, when I thought to myself what an amazingly beautiful morning.  The sky was so blue it felt like I was standing within the stars— now invisible because of the sun.

Then I notice one cloud seemed to be filled with the form of Angel Wings—wings which drive darkness from our world.

Maybe I just made it up…but the unsurpassable beauty of that cloud filled me softly with song.  Like the sound of a beautiful wind chime in the sky.

Then like a breath…a breathing in and breathing out…they were gone. Vanishing and scattering into other shapes and non-shapes, breaking apart into little puffs and clumps of cotton candy.

But for a tiny spell, I saw a gift from Heaven!

From my world to your heart,



A Bird in the Hand—Thursday, June 25, 2015

SHOur stupefying heat has broken! Yesterday a big storm blew in, crashed around and blew out–no real rain.  But right behind it was cool air!  Enough cool air to feel like an early fall day! It isn’t, but it is a nice.

SwallowThis little Swallow was a little puffed up this morning waiting for the sun to break through the clouds.

QuailWe have been seeing lots of the Gambel’s Quail in the hollows and valley’s along the hillsides of the farm.  This one was trying to keep us from the nest!

Owl-in-treeBoomer and I saw Ruth the Wise Owl…she was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over there, that’s why the photo is so blurry. Boomer bayed at her.  She did not respond.

More-lovelyThen there is this lovely (does anyone know what type of bird this is?)  I have several living in the old cotton wood tree in the yard.

Terry and I are just about caught back up…only hay to haul and wood chips to scatter on in my yard. Sure is a good feeling.  The ditch rider cut the water back, we will have to change water more now and not be able to set as many rows.  It can all be done, it just takes time.

I hope each and everyone of you are having a perfect summer day.

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,



An Invitation —-Wednesday, June 25, 2014

IMG_3528Long before the real work of the farm starts I head upstairs to my office, turn on my computer and sit down and publish my blog post of the day.  Once that is done I take a few moments to read and answer emails then I read blogs.

Like many of you I have many blogs I read, each of you reach out to  us in blog land offering up a tiny bit of your life (a sharing, if you please).

Often times we readers gather inspirations, new thoughts, insights and creative ways to do something in our own lives and on our own blogs.

The Kitchen Garden  Cecilia blogs daily at sunrise.  She is a beach raised New Zealand girl now married and living on a farm in Illinois.  She is the farmer determined to raise good clean food for her family and for other people in the area.

This is one very busy lady…not only is she the farmer, she creates items for purchase (such as calendars of her delightful pig, Shelia) plus a book (with help from her blog readers) soon to be release: Letters to my Sister.  On top of all this (as if she doesn’t have enough to do) she and her husband have opened up their home for nightly or weekly visits with all inclusive breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I was reading through her tabs—please do when you visit.  And I ran across her invitation to join her on the blog.  It was such a wonderful idea that I wrote her and asked if she would mind if I did something similar on my blog.  She was very gracious.


So here is my invitation to you-  I will post this in a tab as soon as post this for today.

I would love for you to join my blog.  To join this short, daily blog about a life on a farm in Western Colorado.  All you need to do is click the button on that says:  Sign Me UP!  That is all there is to it.  Once you do you will receive a notice in your email box the minute I upload a new post. I post every day, except on Saturday.


I post every morning, telling you about yesterday, or today.  I sometimes muse about things that interest me, or offer, for your consideration, a brief look at the history of where we live—Delta, Colorado.  Then when I stop for a break I read and answer the comments left for me.  For me this is a pleasure before I head back to daily chores — my conversations with you!

On Friday’s Fuzzy and Boomer, the two farm dogs, like to take over and blog about their adventures throughout the week.  You will find that these two dogs are really very friendly and do have a fun take on every day farm work.

If you would like to join Life on a Colorado Farm (whether you feel like you would want to comment or not) please scroll down a short way from the header photo and click the Sign Me Up! Button.  I would love to have you part of our daily life.


If you do sign up, or even if you have been signed-up for a very long time, it would be interesting (no pressure…ever in this world of blogging) to learn where you are from—state or country.   I have had the most delightful time getting to know my many commenters over the years.  I would like to get to know you also.

If you would like to join the Face Book page go here: FACEBOOK

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I thank you very much for joining me, my husband, the cats, and our two farm dogs, Fuzzy and Boomer, in our daily lives on a western Colorado farm in the high mountain desert.

Your friend on a farm in Delta, Colorado,