Our Thunder Comes from the West — Monday, July 29, 2019

We have been having afternoon/evening/nighttime showers.

They are random and quick.

Building up; crashing and booming with lightning and thunder

It’s amazing and marvelous all at once.

Friday night in our town, they had an outstanding experience of an inch of rain in 30 minutes.

Where we live we got lovely, just right, rain.  The air clean and refreshed. The air sparkling.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



19 thoughts on “Our Thunder Comes from the West — Monday, July 29, 2019

  1. Can you send me some of your rainwater😉My plants don’t like the chlorine and fluoride in the tap and bottled water and rain water is hard to come by right now! It caused great amusement in the car shop when I enquired about the alternative- distilled water for them! It said for leqd batteries🙃So rainwater nicely bottled and ready to use would be good thanks! 😉😂😃


  2. An “inch” in 30 minutes equals torrential – damn near tropical from my wet season years in PNG!
    I just wish it would rain here in areas off the coastline – the rural scenes on TV are distressing to
    see. Here in Terrigal we have 4 wet days in store for us……one is enough here as everything is nice and green.
    The weather Gods have forgotten our rural brothers and sisters.
    Great photography.


  3. Love your storm cloud pictures and love that pic of the flowers at the end after a lovely rainfall. So beautiful!


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