The Cycle of Seasons—-Thursday, August 29, 2019

(From Pinterest)

The nights are growing longer and longer now, the sun not lingering in the sky

There was such a new distinct chill in the air last night I had to shut all the windows in the house.

Still, the earth is full of exquisite luxurious beauty

The cycle of farming starting to show harvest is very near.

The breath of summer has faded.  It’s actually very cool/cold here this morning.

Excellent for yard work, a tad on the sad side for those of us who love summer

Still another sign,

besides the leaves falling, falling…

a large and wonderous spider web.

Fall has arrived, no matter the calendar says it is still August.

I saw a wee fairy dancing in the porch light last night. (really a hummingbird moth)…spreading pixie dust for me and you.

For luck, you know!

For me and you!

From my world to your heart,






20 thoughts on “The Cycle of Seasons—-Thursday, August 29, 2019

  1. Am so glad you got away if only for a couple of days. Make the next get away soon and longer. This is a good time to check out the National Parks as all the kids are in school, and the weather isn’ bad yet I am LOVING the Peanuts comments. How Beautiful!
    The Earth is really changing. It feels like an early winter here. Please don’t be upset, but I love the winter. Our winters are usually not bad so we don”t face the cold you do. It’s the heat I mind–getting too old for it.
    The blog seems especially poetic the past few days. Thanks for all the joy you and your family bring to us!!!



    • Oh, Katie, I would never be upset. Terry loves winter also. He likes everything about it—so we balance each other. When he is melting I’m happy, when I’m a frozen block of ice he is energetic! Thank you ever so much for all your supportive and beautiful comments.


  2. I know how much you enjoy summer, but I for one am enjoying the changing seasons. We were able to open the house yesterday and give the air-conditioning system a rest. It was glorious out in the yard today,


  3. I too am loving the quotes you post. I agree autumn is coming earlier this year. We just had a few days of very high temps for our area but the spell was broken this morning at 2:00 a. m. with thunder and lightning and lots of blessed rain. We went out the back door to watch it since it’s so rare here. I don’t care for shorter days but the heat drains me. I keep the windows open when it’s between 50 – 68. Love to sleep in the cold. My daughter needs to be warm. ;( We work it our since we are on opposite sides of the house. 😉


  4. Yes it’s mighty chilly here and the outlook for our winter sounds pretty awful so far. Enjoy your flowers that are still blooming, your birds that are still buzzing around and your beautiful green lawn. I am actually a spring and fall person and I love the beauty of our long winters, but not the very cold temps and always a chance to slip and fall on ice. Yes night seems to be coming faster and faster as it does this time of the year. Thank you for an always great blog, Linda.


    • I like spring and fall also, just not as much as Summer. Terry is a winter, Spring Fall person. It’s nice that we can all have something to look forward too and enjoy. Makes those other seasons easier to deal with! Hugs to you, Diane!


  5. I love all the pictures of your home, Linda! Your flowers are all so pretty. And, that corn looks so tall! We were below 60 again this morning. I liked it, but unfortunately the cotton does not. It needs many more days of heat units to fully mature. To be 95* again today, so that helps.



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