The Adventures of TLC Cai-Cai on Friday—-Farm Adventures, MOTH, June 24, 2022

Mom and I had just come out of the house

Where I had been eating BREAKFAST!!!

I go out early, early in the morning

Just at Daybreak

Not Daylight


Why so early?

Gosh, there are things to do

Stuff to see

And MICE to catch!


Mom and I came out the backdoor together

Mom going over to feed the Humming Birds

And I, to walk with Mom


What is it?

Just as I saw IT, so did Mom

I saw Mom put her hand down by the It


No more IT

I wonder what happened to IT?

Oh, well, gone.

TLC Cai-Cai


The Cycle of Seasons—-Thursday, August 29, 2019

(From Pinterest)

The nights are growing longer and longer now, the sun not lingering in the sky

There was such a new distinct chill in the air last night I had to shut all the windows in the house.

Still, the earth is full of exquisite luxurious beauty

The cycle of farming starting to show harvest is very near.

The breath of summer has faded.  It’s actually very cool/cold here this morning.

Excellent for yard work, a tad on the sad side for those of us who love summer

Still another sign,

besides the leaves falling, falling…

a large and wonderous spider web.

Fall has arrived, no matter the calendar says it is still August.

I saw a wee fairy dancing in the porch light last night. (really a hummingbird moth)…spreading pixie dust for me and you.

For luck, you know!

For me and you!

From my world to your heart,






A Tiny Bit of a Slow Down—Sunday, July 28, 2019

We seem to have been extremely busy of late

So much happening, good times

And a wee bit of work-over-load

So, today, I am slowing myself down


I feel immensely tired for some reason.

See you in tomorrow morning!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




Monday, September 2, 2013

Although today is technically a holiday here, Terry and I will be doing what the day calls for—Laboring.  🙂


My little hummers are becoming less and less at the feeders, although I see many of the little juveniles feeding on the flowers throughout my yard.


The honey bees are having a great time at the honey bar…I do feel a little concerned they are not out gathering pollen but hanging out at these feeders.  I hope it doesn’t cause a problem at the hive later on this winter.  😦 😦


If I don’t feed them they want to swarm the Hummingbird feeders so I guess it is six of one thing or 1/2 a dozen of another.  Sure is perplexing.


I caught this little moth having a great time in the petunias…yes, I am one of those that adores petunias.  I love their colors and the heavy rich scent that fills the air.


The rains are being really nice and staying away.  But they are still here and moving all around us.  I loved seeing the sunset on the rain chuts last night.


Well, off to do the many things for the day.  Terry will be cutting the old hay field, then he has to remove all the bean pulling equipment, and move the bean combine up to the shop to get it ready for the harvest (hopefully by Friday).

As for myself I have the lawn, the hedge, the many, many weeds to take care of and canning, plus all the other chores that keep a house and yard going.


Best wishes for a perfect Labor Day,