Gradually Their Time with Us is Fading—-Wednesday, September 10, 2019

I have rapidly dwindled down to one hummingbird feeder

Although, I keep two up and filled to the brim.  It keeps fighting down, that way.

I’ve tried all season to capture a good photo of a little hummingbird in flight.  This is the best I can do.  It’s WAY hard to actually photo their bright little feathers, the cute little feets, the glinting sun off their wings.

But I tried anyway.

I hope they make it to warmer parts of our country soon.

Image may contain: outdoor and nature

There was snow in the high country of Utah last night…the expected cold front moving in here today.

We won’t have snow right here, but the high mountains might.

Still, it will bring to us much cooler weather.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


21 thoughts on “Gradually Their Time with Us is Fading—-Wednesday, September 10, 2019

  1. I think you’ve done well in your attempts to capture a hummingbird in flight, but I enjoyed your photos of them at rest as well. I definitely not ready for snow, but I would be delighted to have some cooler weather. Yesterday was the hottest day we’ve had all summer.


  2. Our hummers are heading out as well and the martins and barn swallows are long gone :-/. One of the few things I like about summer is the birds.


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