Mindy and Boomer Have an Adventure —-Mom Says We Have To Stop, She Gets to Blog Today, Friday, December 20, 2019

Mom says our adventure has to stop.  Just for this week.

She says its not a bad stop it is just because of TOMORROW

You see, it was a long, long, time ago, (December 21—that is tomorrow, but we take off  blogging on Saturday,  so we tell the story today)

In a land far away–(Eckert, Colorado)

On a dark and very cold, snowy night (7 p.m.)

Mom and Dad began

This wondrous journey

Of 52 years!

From our world your hearts,

Boomer, Mindy, Terry, and Linda




39 thoughts on “Mindy and Boomer Have an Adventure —-Mom Says We Have To Stop, She Gets to Blog Today, Friday, December 20, 2019

  1. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

    I just love looking at the hairstyles, the suit, the dress. All back in style now–who knew that back then! I bet if Vera Wang saw that lovey wedding dress today, a riff on it would soon be available for $1000’s tomorrow.

    Again, congrats and many many happy returns.

    Merry Christmas!

    Terri Dunning

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  2. Happy Anniversary you guys!! Love your wedding photos ~ Such a wonderful couple. We send wishes for many more filled with all that brings you joy, smiles and love! ♡

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  3. Wow ….that’s so wonderful. Congratulations on 52 big years! So you two got married on the shortest day of the year! I love the pictures! Knowing how much you love summer….I would have thought you might have picked a hot-weather month. May you have many more wonderful years together, Linda and Terry!


    • Thank you, Diane. We picked the shortest day of the year, because it was Terry’s longest time off at his work. Also, my favorite holiday is Christmas so the two went well together. As the years go by I cringe at the horrendous stress I must have cost my Mom and Dad to pick CHRISTMAS time. Sigh


  4. Happy 52nd Anniversary. Linda and Terry. That’s quite the happy trail you’ve walked and I see you are wearing socks with those flip flops. It’s always heartwarming to see couples who still like each other after that much time. But you guys look like you really love each other too. That’s the real gold in the Colorado hills.


  5. May you have a most blessed and happy anniversary!!!! Congratulations on 52 years of marriage. I’m sure you will enjoy whatever celebration you have planned. All the very best!!!


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