Happy Easter! And Happy Spring! — Sunday, April 12, 2020

I had a most wonderful experience…my second time to Face Time with a blog friend from way, way far away.

Julie, from Frog Pond Farm in New Zealand and her husband…had a wee chat with Terry and I, Thursday evening. 

Julie has been a faithful reader for many years now, finally meeting her face to face was a huge and wonderful delight.

I love how this technology has opened up the world-wide world to each of us in very unique and wonderful ways.

So here I am, on Sunday, Easter Morning, wishing for each and every one of you a glorious

And Marvelous Easter near and far

And, if Easter isn’t part of your celebrations, then I wish for you a most marvelous and wonderful Spring!

Your friends on a western Colorado farm,

Linda, Terry, Boomer, and Mindy-Cat


27 thoughts on “Happy Easter! And Happy Spring! — Sunday, April 12, 2020

  1. Happy Easter to you and Terry and the fur babies Boomer and Mindy. Yours is the first blog I visit every day because of your uplifting words and pictures. Sets the tone for the whole day. The Sandhill cranes are back at the old place. I was not there to greet them.


  2. Hey Linda … how lovely it was to meet you, Terry and Boomer! So nice to say hello! We are so very lucky with technology .. aren’t we! Who would have thought 🙂 Gosh your photos are so lovely .. beautiful blossoms. Happy Easter my friend 🌹


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