That Awful Phase — What If—Sunday, April 19, 2020

Time…it is something we always, always, always, and forever think we have enough of–

Time, it shows up in lots of ways…like I will do that tomorrow

Or, I’ll get to that, just not right now

Or I know I need to: get that done, go help this person or that person, say a kind word

to this or that person

Then life happens, or a person’s lack of ‘getting it together’ happens

We get lost in our own world, while what we really needed to doing or saying or helping or…

Never gets past that other phase called “Good Intentions”

So, before it is too late, and all that I have left is that thought

What if?!?!?

I want to tell you THANK YOU, for being loyal readers all these years.  Thank you to those who leave chatty comments…whereby everyone gets to know one another.

Thank you for sharing with me that small little burst of yourself.

You make my blogging joyful and lend a warm glow to my day.

Very much from my heart to each of you,


26 thoughts on “That Awful Phase — What If—Sunday, April 19, 2020

  1. And thank you for sharing your days with us. I’m using my at home time for the next few weeks finding that “round tuit” and cleaning off my long postponed chores.


  2. Yes, at times there is too much time.
    And others, never enough time. But never enough time when it comes to the ones we care about so much….
    Thank you, Linda, for all your love and inspiration. For sharing your world with us through beautiful photos and words. And for being such a dear friend ~
    Thank you,


  3. And thank you for your beautiful ‘slow blogging’, making us stop and appreciate the world we live in and the blessings great and small that come and go in our lives. Hugs, and let’s talk again sometime soon!


  4. oh Linda… Thank YOU. There have been times when your posts were the only “bright spot” in my day. I have never looked to you and heard silence, and I hope that I have never been silent in your times of need. x(((Linda)))x your friend, Cully


  5. I think blogging must be so difficult and you’re always there with something interesting to show us or beautiful photos of birds and flowers and animals and skies and moons. I just want you to know how appreciative I am of what you do for all of us out here. Thank you so much, Linda!


  6. I never liked “what ifs” but things happen which we have no control over. My late husband had a bad stroke after we sold our little farm where we raised our kids and ponies and horses and bought a 5 acre place. I took care of him for 4 years before he died. I never thought of ‘what if’ because it would defeat the purpose of “what’s happenin’ now”. You write a beautiful post and WHAT IF I had never got on FB I would never had met you!!! LOL


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