Finally—Monday, April 20, 2020

Although, this isn’t a photo of the Barn Swallows

THEY ARE BACK!  Warmer weather is on its way!


Although yesterday was a tad bit warmer, it was still cold, but now at this moment it’s warm enough I have two windows on the east side of the house open!

The air is more vibrant the shadows seem gentle, a softening that only warmer weather can bring

Not only are the Barn Swallows back so are the HUMMINGBIRDS and those Boldly colored Bullock’s orioles and the Hooded Orioles!

O! That Wonderous delight of a newly rich Spring day leading on toward warm summer evenings scented by flowers and roses.

From my world to your heart,


24 thoughts on “Finally—Monday, April 20, 2020

  1. Oh I love the beautiful assortment of birds that you get at your place, Linda. Can’t wait to see more pictures of them. Hope Spring comes our way one of these days too! Enjoy!


  2. So exciting to see our warm weather bird friends! I love the graceful flying of the barn swallows as they search for food. Your homestead is looking lovely!



  3. the harbingers of whatever time of year this is … robins have been here a while, the kestrels have set up nearby (i hear them more than see ’em) — and today Betty tried to dig up/transplant some desert flowers (yeah, ‘good luck’ there …). indian paintbrushes are out almost in force higher up, desert sega lillies, etc. i suppose the sandhills are still in your neck of the woods? (haven’t heard ’em for a while here)


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