Whispering Echoes — Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Grand Mesa lives on the northern side of our farm.  Well, It lives an hour away, but the Dancing beauty of its weather, clouds, and the spreading sunshine is there for us to see every single day of our lives

The opposite in we have those stunning San Juan mountains, framing our siphon tubes in one of the cornfields

Over in the East…just straight across from us are the Paonia Mountains, crowding the horizon and sheltering the sun and the moon until they can rise high enough

Directly opposite on the west side of the farm is that very long Uncompahgre Plateau, full of mesas, knolls, and very secret canyons

Our storms come from Utah over the Uncompahgre Plateau to rain or snow on our farm. (You are looking at the Roubidoux Canyon just a few miles from the edge of our soon-to-be-planted cornfield.

Then there in the North East are the Ragged Mountains…

And in the South Eastern side the Black Canyon (where it is snowing when I took this photo)

And the SawTooth Mountain Range

This is that same storm over the Black Canyon with the SawTooth beside it

All around us..are the whispering echoes of magnificence and the overwhelming beauty of an ancient form of art.  Still alive today.

From My Heart to your world,


25 thoughts on “Whispering Echoes — Tuesday, April 21, 2020

  1. All of those Mountain ranges remind me of home [Gunnison]. Here I am in Boaz, Al wishing we could go home this summer to a small class reunion. However, the virus ravaging the world has put a stop to that idea. We hope to do it next year!


  2. Your farm is in such a beautiful area of our state! So many natural wonders, combined with the agricultural, the fruit trees and the fishing. Your photos are gorgeous!


  3. enviable — you’re IN the nexus of the vista we are only @ the edge of. we can’t see the San Juans ’til we crest a hill a mere 100′ high to the south of us — so, as i like to say, on a clear day you can see over 100-miles. you look at the Flowing Park arm of the Mesa (but i suspect you can also see Crag’s Crest) whereas we’re just west of the Mesa, looking at Land’s End. and, is that Mt. Sneffels in the middle of your present website header? and, while we’re at it (as we wait for our irrigation pump-repairman to FINALLY get it done? — how’re you and yours coping what with the omnipresent massive poo-poo having hit the circular-rotating-device? (heh, you might have a diffyrunt werd for that) ~ regards ! your almost-neighbor


    • Ouray and Silverton…the Million Dollar Highway, Redbank and Molas passes all exist in the middle of the San Juan mountains. Then right after you get through them is Durango.


  4. How blessed you are to have those magnificent mountain ranges all around you. I have loved mountains since my first trip west when I was about 12. My whole family fell in love with the mountains of Colorado and Wyoming and Montana. So much so, that we traveled out your way and tent camped every summer for a couple of weeks. My best memories come from those times.


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