Most Kind and Generous Folks/People/We Call Friends — Tuesday, April 28, 2020



“Hi!  This is Glenda, what are you and Terry doing Monday?”

“Larry and I  would like you and Terry to come up EARLY Monday morning and go with us to see the snow before it melts…Spring has sprung on Grand Mesa!”

After finishing all our early morning chores we loaded up and headed to

That amazing world where the old Gods live in those very ancient groves of tall standing trees

Larry and Glenda were most generous to take us to this magical world.

The snow was crisp when we started out, all sparkly and winterish looking

Then by Noon…the lakes started having large water holes opening up where cold water swirled

the snow and ice on the lakes had become mush!

Then home again, home again.

What an amazing, generous, incredible gift we were given: special distancing (of 6 feet and more) staying in compliance with the virus, precious friends, and to see the power of winter sacrificing itself to Spring.

I stand in awe.

From my world to your heart,



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