That Tinkling Laugh Called Spring — Thursday, April 28, 2022

Joy is everywhere

Delight so profound it permeates everything

The bird’s song is so loud it actually echos

With bouncing walks

And twittering voices.

Colors always changing bright and iridescent

The beauty of Spring

Everywhere…full of jubilation, exultation, rejoicing, happiness, glee—every word which expresses Triumph over Winter!

From my world to your heart,



In the Brilliant Morning Sunshine —Wednesday, April 28, 2021

This handsome fellow is often seen.   This part of the farm is HIS.

There are at least three more males in different areas of the farm, but I don’t always see them when I am out and about.

I haven’t seen his ‘girl’ or ‘girls’, but I’m sure they are there.  🙂

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



Most Kind and Generous Folks/People/We Call Friends — Tuesday, April 28, 2020



“Hi!  This is Glenda, what are you and Terry doing Monday?”

“Larry and I  would like you and Terry to come up EARLY Monday morning and go with us to see the snow before it melts…Spring has sprung on Grand Mesa!”

After finishing all our early morning chores we loaded up and headed to

That amazing world where the old Gods live in those very ancient groves of tall standing trees

Larry and Glenda were most generous to take us to this magical world.

The snow was crisp when we started out, all sparkly and winterish looking

Then by Noon…the lakes started having large water holes opening up where cold water swirled

the snow and ice on the lakes had become mush!

Then home again, home again.

What an amazing, generous, incredible gift we were given: special distancing (of 6 feet and more) staying in compliance with the virus, precious friends, and to see the power of winter sacrificing itself to Spring.

I stand in awe.

From my world to your heart,



Our Farming Hearts—-Thursday, April 28, 2016

Yesterday was another chill spring day of damp and moving air.

SeedTerry continued planting the corn, then worked on the pinto bean fields.  We are close to starting water on those fields, close, but not yet.

Trash-in-the-canalWe are still experiencing lots of trash in the canals.  It’s a daily job to keep the water ways clear.  We will fight this trash until the middle of June.  By that time all the fields above us will be planted, all the canals and laterals will be open, and the wind should have died down.

April-Moon-3I’ve enjoyed my series of photos of the April full moon.  They give me a small bubble of happiness whenever I look at them. What is so delightful is the moon really is tinged with pink.  Therefore, the full moon of April is called the Pink Full Moon.  Perfect I do believe!

While Terry planted I filled up several buckets, of our saved shelled corn from last year; soaked the corn in water for a couple of hours then took a bucket out to the end of the field (which I will do for every field) and started scattering the seed.

Feeding-PheasantsWe do this because the pheasants LOVE scratching up the sprouting corn seed and eating them.  If I can give them enough soft (easy to get too) corn they will leave the fields alone.

RunI came across one of the males running along in front of me as I worked.  It was blowing a little hard  so he thought he could out-run me instead of trying to fly into the wind.

FLYGiving up running he took off; just watching him go gave me a breathless feeling!  What a beautiful bird!

Storm-MovingAlthough, it wasn’t raining right on us, huge rain chuts were drenching parts of the Uncompahgre Plateau.  (Un-come-pah-gray—accent on the pah)

On-a-Ditch-Bank-1The sheer ordinariness of the day fills our farmer’s heart with good!

Your friend on a Western Colorado farm,



Stillness—Tuesday, April 28, 2015

2I love the outdoors!  Even as a child I spend hours and hours by myself playing in Surface Creek, which ran behind our my parents home.  I enjoyed the freedom of riding my bike between our and my grandparent’s house. Walking through the cherry orchard, or the apple orchard looking for bird nests, or just laying in the irrigation ditches looking up at the sky, watching the clouds come and go.

Today we would say: “Becoming one with nature.”  Back then I was just ‘being’.

3I still love the outdoors.  The energy and the feel of earth, the sky, the elements — still give me that same peace I felt as a child.

4Walking home from the other house last night I thought the sun and the storm clouds and the feel of the earth of marvelous! This is our house looking from the other house.

5I tried to capture, for you what I was seeing and feeling.

14Beauty was everywhere.

Iinto-the-nightYour friend on a Western Colorado Farm,