Moving Along in a Orderly Fashion—Thursday, May 7, 2020

In the early morning light —first thing first is the changing of the irrigation water

The last field of corn Terry finished Mormon creasing….(knocking down the dirt over the tops of the little seeds trying to push their way through the soil)

Since the first field has popped up it won’t be long before this field is covered with little green baby corn

In just two or three days’ time!  Isn’t nature amazing?

Everything planted now but one field.  Just one. And that one will be after the first cutting of hay

Step-by-step the hours’ pass

Moving out of late winter, (when nothing seems to happen and life can be a tedious routine) on we go into early spring; one task leading into another task, now we are in the middle of Spring

With irrigation the constant motion of farm, crops and for the farmer(s) 🙂

Forward into each day–all steps ordered, giving a lightness and freedom to each of us

Perhaps, God—yours and mine and all of ours—whispering loudly for all to hear

Life is Good, Sing Loudly to the Heavens so all can hear!

From my heart to your world,


12 thoughts on “Moving Along in a Orderly Fashion—Thursday, May 7, 2020

  1. I wanna ride on a tractor. My maternal grandmother’s farm was too small for one of those. My grandfather just used a hand-directed rotary tiller. They had eight gardens but, no tractor.

    You know, my grandmother never learned to drive.


  2. Haha, unfortunately my grandma did – until she drove through the back of the garage into the chicken coop all the while shouting ‘whoa Bill’.


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