The Sun, the Rain, and a Healing — I Hope — Tuesday, May 19, 2020

I must admit, that I have had fear for Boomer’s life riding in waves through my heart

I KNOW he is elderly and the time is growing short, but…

Still…then after beseeching the heavens and My God and Your God and the God of all this world,

I knew I could move forward, because of the medication, Boomer’s will to live, and the fact I asked for the power of collective prayer—peace filled my heart.

Opening my email, another glorious rainbow, from the Black Forest in Colorado…shouted—


Thank you, each and every one!




17 thoughts on “The Sun, the Rain, and a Healing — I Hope — Tuesday, May 19, 2020

  1. I am relieved that Boomer is getting & feeling better. I’ve had the same thoughts, & I know what you’ve been thinking. And those thoughts lead me back to each dog I’ve had bless my heart through the years. And Boomer, you certainly bless my heart too. Hugs, dear friend. )))hugs(((
    Ps. I hope that Mother Nature sends both of us more rainbows!


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