The Heat of Summer is Here—Thursday, July 9, 2020

A wee tiny bird (I think might be a Starling) is living out it’s beginning life, in a hollow of a limb of the tree in our yard

At the Upper End, we have pheasants. Delightful birds

Over by the equipment area, I saw a fun courting couple

Then on the back road going to the Back Forty twice,

I ran across this pretty handsome feller

Our days are in the 100*s now. That is 37.7c.

At the peak of the heat in the daytime, the little songbirds rest—such wise little creatures

Or come to our chicken yard and try to grab a snack or two…

I’m sure they are thinking “get some food while everyone sleeps, then no one will ever know.)

The hawks and other raptors silent shadows slide over the warm and bright land

The blue sky is alive with life

As so is the earth

Ahย  Summer so

Full Life

Full of Joy

Full of Daily Adventures

To me

The most perfect time of the year!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


23 thoughts on “The Heat of Summer is Here—Thursday, July 9, 2020

  1. Your high elevation gets in the 100s??? OY!

    That baby bird is adorable. The wing shot is awesome. The flyover shot…the sky looks purple and, is that the Moon, too?

    Thanks for the Robin shots. I so miss those birds. Rarely see them anymore…

    Do the Pheasants dance?


  2. Love your birds, but I am so sorry for that heat. It is hitting near a hundred here with high humidity and it is laying me seriously low. Too hot to even take Peggy out to her new sand pile. Take care


  3. Beautiful summer birds! Love the Quail! We used to see them where we were โ€œborn and raisedโ€ in Eastern Washington… I guess itโ€™s too damp for them here in Eugene .


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