The Moon, a Thing of Staggering Beauty—Monday, August 3, 2020

Boomer doesn’t always like to go with me anymore

Long walks are now out of the question

Most of the time he will go with me on the four-wheeler, but not always

He always goes with he has company.  He tries very hard to be part of their play

But last evening he wanted to go for a wee walkabout

So we did

Not going far

Just down the lane, past the equipment

Where the moon shown down on us,

A little dog, a little kitty and I

From my world to your heart,


18 thoughts on “The Moon, a Thing of Staggering Beauty—Monday, August 3, 2020

  1. Dear Linda, I have also had a very beloved old dog. Old age is not easy for any of us. But I am sure Boomer loves every minute of your walks, however short. He has a good life with his dear folks and furry friends.

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  2. Hello Linda. Full moons are always magical, aren’t they? Getting old is not. We lost the beautiful kitty in my avatar last night. He came to us 10 years ago and stayed to love us. He was the last animal in our lives. It is empty here now. Hug Mindy and Boomer every chance you get.


    • OH! NO! Darn! I hate it when our fur babies pass on over the Rainbow bridge leaving us behind. You are right…our lives become empty. Maybe another kitty will find you…that is how I got Mindy…she came looking for a family.


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