Gathering Momentum —- Wednesday, August 5, 2020

The crops are gathering momentum,

The corn is full, fat, and soft.

If you were to touch one of the kernels you could feel what we call ‘the dough’ a soft, fluffy feel to the kernel.

This is NOT the time to starve the corn from water…water is what makes the kernel grow and fill-up nicely.

So every day, three times a day the water is changed; moving through one field and onto another field

The first field of alfalfa is getting ready to be harvested for the third (and possibly the last) time.   Maybe next week or the following week…it all depends on the bloom.

Even though,  just to look at the farm, it doesn’t seem there is anything happening right now…

There is…growth and growing and preparing for the time to harvest moving forward…always moving forward.

Unseen activity but extremely busy anyway.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




13 thoughts on “Gathering Momentum —- Wednesday, August 5, 2020

  1. Yes, growth is steady and quiet if it’s given what it needs. That moon is really something right now. Wakes me each morning as it passes by my window at 2-3 and I wonder why I don’t sleep. 😉 I have to keep watching it as it travels behind the trees. Just gorgeous.


  2. All is looking great on Farm “Terry and Linda”.
    The farm house looks fantastic – new paint job??
    I hope you are generously rewarded with prices for your crops.
    You, two, deserve every cent.


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