Conjuring Magic —- Thursday, August 6, 2020

Earth ditches are a lot of work!

To move the dam (the orange thing) all the mud (the water is full of mud and it settles against the orange dam) has to be dugout; by hand, back, shovel.

Then moved down the ditch to the NEXT spot.

While we were there—Terry doing all the work and I taking photos 🙂

The girls had to come over to see just what we (Terry) were doing

Each one took a turn sniffing and running their noses on the orange dam

Then over to have a wee visit full of pets and rubs.

While working there a handsome feller rushed by

The Joys (and work) on a western Colorado farm

Where magic occurs every day. 🙂

From my heart to your world,



13 thoughts on “Conjuring Magic —- Thursday, August 6, 2020

  1. strange tribe indeed! yours is “useful & essential” work, whereas here, falling further&further behind attempting to keep the chaos at bay in “Betty’s Gardens” — i often wish for the time masheen to go back far enough to have xeriscaped the place!


    • I am falling behind in my yard…too hot and windy to work in it most days, then when it cools down it’s out on the farm time. Plus housework. It’s hot and windy again today.
      My raised beds help, but still…..

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