The Adventures of Mindy on Friday— Day by Day, Friday, October 2, 2020

Mom says I have to very careful, out there hunting mice, out there, close to the butler bins

Because now the Coyotes

are moving everywhere on the farm.

(See the quail getting away from the coyote?)

Mom has seen them multiple times

when she is has been out taking photos

So, I stay close

Well, sorta close

I go past the Grain bins

And down by the hay swather and combines

Sometimes Boomer goes with me

Not like he used to go, (I ran away from Boomer, he looked so sad when I did it.)

but he still goes

Just the thought of coyotes makes me jumpy

So, to please Mom,

and to keep close to my buddy, Boomer,


(and to make me feel safe)

I stay pretty much in the farmyard

I think there are enough mice here to keep me busy and full.

Mindy Lou Min-Min Brown

19 thoughts on “The Adventures of Mindy on Friday— Day by Day, Friday, October 2, 2020

  1. Mindy, you are very wise to keep close to the house with coyotes around. And of course you can keep an eye on Boomer as well. I’m glad ytoyu think you can find enough mice to keep you from being bored or from starving,.


  2. Oh, Mindy…I know for a fact that coyotes eat kitties and dogs, too. Please be careful and keep watchful when you are out and about. Boomer can’t run away like he used to…please stay close to him and listen for danger. I do not miss hearing coyotes at night.


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