The Adventures of Mindy on Friday, In the Quiet Light of Dawn, Friday, October 9, 2020

Boomer doesn’t go with Mom and me anymore.  He much rather be inside under the covers, resting

Although, he does come outside if the weather is warm.

So, now it is Mom and I…walking in the grey light of early morning.   The sky the color of grey and purple

Just Mom and I.  At first, I liked it when it was just Mom and me, but I must admit.  It feels a little lonely without that beaglie dog.

Mindy Kit-Kat (Min-Min) Brown


23 thoughts on “The Adventures of Mindy on Friday, In the Quiet Light of Dawn, Friday, October 9, 2020

  1. Ah, so sorry to hear that the Boomer is slipping. Mindy keeps mom company and tells Boomer all about what you saw on the early walks. Fall is all around…beautiful yellow and gold now. I miss the high desert and smell of the sagebrush.


  2. We feel sad that Boomer isn’t walking with you two anymore, but he knows what he needs and he’s doing his self-care. You can take over the adventures for him, M, and tell him about them when you get home.

    Love and licks,


  3. Mindy, you be careful out there without Boomer to protect you and Mom. The world is a dangerous place for pretty girls. Now it’s your turn to take care of Boomer.

    Love, Katie


    • Mom tells me she is very glad Boomer and I are friends. I always give him kisses on the nose when I lay with him. He likes it. Then I purr softly so he can sleep. Love Mindy


  4. Hey Min Min! Glad you fill Boomer in on the news, & with nose kisses when you return. I know he misses the walks. But he’s doing what’s best – I have days like that.


  5. It is good you keep mom company, Mindy! Boomer needs his rest and loves your company. Hugs and well wishes to you all – both four and two legged friends on the farm.


  6. Charlee: “We’re glad you are still getting out with your Mom, Mindy, but we understand that it’s not the same without Boomer along.”
    Chaplin: “Yes, Dennis used to tell us how when Tucker got old and infirm and couldn’t walk well anymore, he didn’t out with Dennis and Trixie as much anymore, except sometimes they would bring Tucker and pull him along in a little wagon.”
    Charlee: “And then of course Trixie got old and it was just Dennis on outings, and then Dennis got old and he mostly stayed under the covers. Which is where he wanted to be at that point.”
    Chaplin: “I guess that’s what dogs like when they get old.”
    Lulu: “Not me. I have way too much fur to want to be under the covers.”
    Chaplin: “I guess that’s what short-haired dogs like when they get old.”


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