The Adventures of Mindy on Friday— Adjusting, Sorta, Kinda, Friday, February 26, 2021

I’m adjusting.



I really don’t like that kitten.  He wants to pounce on me ALL THE TIME.

Which, does NOT go over, Thank you very much.

“SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!”  With teeth bared and my claws out.

(Although, I know not to really hurt that thing.  I always look at Mom or Dad to show them I am just being the boss.)

Anyway.  I still live my life as if TLC Cai-Cai doesn’t exist.

I do lots of hunting.

I bring mice to Mom so she can have one with me…

although I eat them, she just pets me and tells me what an excellent job I do.


I sleep in the house on MY chair, have great kitty snacks, a drink of milk, now and again. And toast by the fire.

All this is good.


When Dad is outside (which is lots of time)

I make sure I am WITH him!

Dad says I am the perfect helper.

I think so too!

Mindy Min-Min Cat

18 thoughts on “The Adventures of Mindy on Friday— Adjusting, Sorta, Kinda, Friday, February 26, 2021

  1. Looks like most all is good Min Min. Being out with Dad has to be awesome. It’s not long before things get really busy on the farm. TLC will learn.


  2. Oh sweet Mindy, after all the work you have done, they get someone else. I understand how you feel. It just isn’t fair after all the time and effort you have put in. However, after a period of training, your training, the little twerp might be a help. You have a big load. Maybe TLC could take some of the load off your shoulders–at your direction, of course. Just saying. You are the senior kitty and it’s time they gave you a staff. Rest on your laurels and let him do the “cute” stuff while you do the important stuff. Think about it. You are a wonderful kitty and a tremendous comfort to us all. Get him whipped into shape, and you will have more relaxing time. Bless your heart and many thanks for all your love and comfort.



  3. Charlee: “That’s some top-notch helping, Mindy. And also some top-notch ignoring of the kitten, it sounds like. That’s the way to deal with annoying things, you just ignore them.”
    Chaplin: “Hey Charlee, what are you talking about?”
    Charlee: “Yep you just tune those annoying things out like they’re not even there.”

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