Contrast —- Sunday, August 28, 2022

The Contrast of Evening Sun on showers in the canyons

The very strong line of shadow and light

Night rising up on the land–defining the last light in the sky

Big fat rain clouds—- sunlight through the old apricot tree

Sunrise dressing the earth with Morning

Dusk filled with brilliance

Even the wind, in all its amazing power; lifting the soil into the air— gifts us with a refreshing of sorts.

Each and every moment of our full 24-hour day gives us so much—so many things of contrast, so many types of varying gifts they are too numerous to count.

From my world to your heart,




3 thoughts on “Contrast —- Sunday, August 28, 2022

  1. Charlee: “Ooh, we used to have an apricot tree here! Two of them, actually!”
    Chaplin: “Our Dada says they made the tastiest apricots he ever had.”
    Lulu: “I don’t remember any apricot trees.”
    Charlee: “Used to have them. USED TO.”


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