The Adventures of TLC Cai-Cai on Friday—-Farm Life Series 5, Tractors, Friday, August 27, 2021

“Farms, any farms, well, all Farms have Tractors”, Mom picked me up and sat me down on her lap.  I was trying to hide because Dad had just started one of his tractors and was heading out of the farmyard. “You are right to run fast away from big noisy machines, of which tractors are one.”

Mom and I sat down in one of the outside chairs, me on Mom’s lap, and Mom’s hand petting me.

“You see, TLC Cai-Cai, Tractors are how all the groundwork gets done. Tractors are the ‘heavy-lifter’s of the farm, they pull implements to make the soil on the farm in a very lovely soft loamy state so Dad can then plant the fields.  The tractors even pull the planter which does the planting.

Then there is the water, tractors use special pieces of equipment which make the ditches and help keep the ditches clean so the water can flow onto the farm, and down the rows, the tractor created right after the crop was planted.

There are other BIG pieces of equipment on the farm, like the swather and the combine, but I will save that for another time. For right now just know that there are many tractors on the farm, and each one has its own special job to do.” Mom said softly to me all the while petting my head, my ears, my back, my sides, my…………smile purr. Humm.

“I am so proud of you for being very careful around all the tractors and the big noisy things like cars and trucks, for Dad and I want you with us for years and years and years.” Mom whispered—“years.”


I really am not sure all of what Mom was saying, I was purring very, very loud, while Mom talked softly to me and petted me. I kept on purring until I think I must have fallen asleep.

Which is a very lovely thing.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

TLC Cai-Cai



The Smell of Ripe Corn is in the Air — Thursday, August 27, 2020

The time of growth is coming to an end

You can see all the brown leaves starting to show in the fields now, the tassles are going from white to yellow, to gold

Soon, very soon, maybe right after this irrigation

On both of the cornfields,  we will be entering the waiting stage.

See all the golden dry leaves

The husks losing the green (they go from green to reddish-purple) then to gold

After which they fall over, the stem too dry to hold up the cob anymore

The kernels are almost all dented. (we want them to ALL be dented)

If not this irrigation, then the next.

Winding down now

The corn growing season is coming to an end.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm



In a Small Fragment of Eternity—Tuesday, August 27, 2019

(From Pinterest)

Over the weekend, we drove to visit Terry’s cousin in Eaton, Colorado;  and to go to Joes, Colorado to see where Terry’s Mother’s Biological parents came from.

What an amazing time we had.  Jackie and Kent grew up in Joes, so they knew lots of people, how to get around, where the Cemetery was, and who all lived here or there or somewhere else on the prairie.

Jackie and I are fascinated with genealogy, and therefore Cemeteries; the Kirk Cemetery is where the family members now reside.

Family! It’s what makes life special.

What a delightful time we had!

From my heart to your world,



Faintly, Yet Noticeable— Monday, August 27, 2018

Each day is now crowded with signs of fall.  It’s in the very air we breathe, the wee chill in the early part of the day

The desperate clinging of the flies to the screens and their mad dash to crowd into the house as fast as the door opens  😦

We saw a huge flock of geese land in the pasture below one of our little mesa’s, scattering and honking as they rustled and settled into a favored spot for the night

The air as we sleep has a crisp feel to it…sounds carry from further distances…a dog barking a mile away seems it is right across the field

But most of all fall is on the land…the plants bespeak loudly; summer weeds have gone to seed, and fall bloomers bursting forth in the slackening heat.

Summer is gone echoing sorrowfully in the core of my soul…for after Autumn comes winter.

From my world to your heart,


A Happy Dance — Thursday, August 27, 2015

12It’s raining here!

11Real rain!

10Terry is out changing the irrigation water…not me.  I’m sitting here, dry, and talking to you. 🙂

9I know…I’m a fair weather irrigator!  🙂


Actually, he has some things he wanted to do that I couldn’t help with, but still

7He is in the rain, with his yellow slicker on an rubber boots.

6And I’m not.

3The corn has dented…a full dent.  That means the last irrigation is soon.

2The pinto beans are starting to stripe and turn yellow…once fully yellow it will be time to let them dry so they can be harvested.

1We will irrigate the alfalfa field after the hay is cut and hauled in, then that will be it for the year.

More signs of fall…the ending of the growing season.

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,




August 27, 2013

We have been enjoying the rains.  (Although, it does make for muddy ditch banks and irrigation roads.)


My hummingbird book says that around August 26th the hummingbirds start their migration to the south.  The older hummingbirds leave first…then the juveniles.


The book also says to keep out your feeder until you haven’t seen a little hummer for at least two weeks, allowing the last little one traveling the farthest to have food along the way to the land of blooming nectar plants and tiny flying insects.


My other songbirds have already fled …I haven’t put out seed in the other feeds for over two weeks now.  I’m sure the time is coming when I will be slammed with sparrows and starlings…I always try to feed them so they will stay out of the dog food.  (I keep the dog food up, but the starlings will dive the dogs until they drive them off and then take over the dish)


With the rain we sometimes get rainbows…another nice gift of rain!


Have a great Tuesday, Linda