The Adventures of Boo Berry Betty and TLC Cai-Cai on Friday—-Four is a Great Age for My New Life, Friday, February 17, 2023

Mom will tell you all about our big four-day and four-night snow on Sunday… right now I want to tell you —-


I have so many things I get to do, so many things I want to do, and things I didn’t even KNOW I wanted to do.

Like ride with Mom in the car!

Wait! Wait!

Back to the beginning.

My first 3 ½ years were spent in a kennel, hearing other dogs, and then getting to have a visit with a boy dog—that never lasted long, in and out kinda thing.

Then I got to come live with MOM and Dad and my very own cat, TLC!!

For the first two months, it was scary! I had issues with some things, like wetting the floor anytime I got afraid. (and I WAS afraid lots—but NOT any more 🙂 )

Although, it didn’t take me long to like to go “OUTSIDE” to do my private stuff.  Mom always told me I was a GOOD GIRL so going outside was fun. And freeing. And Full of cool things to smell.

Anyway…that is a moot point. Mom and I have worked out a system of understanding and all is good.

You know, if I were a human, I would be 32 years old. I would be holding down a good job—kids growing up—you know—established.

Well!  I am AM established!

I play with TLC.  I go outside BY myself (sometimes, well, not often, only if TLC is with me)

I go on very long walks with Mom whereby I can sniff the news to my heart’s content.

I ride in my very own basket with Mom as she does ‘stuff’ on the farm.

And Now!

I can load myself up into the car, get over into the passenger seat, or on Mom’s lap and go for a car ride!

It’s no longer so scary I have to hide my eyes!

YES! I am getting Established!  Four is a perfect age for me!

Boo Berry


21 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boo Berry Betty and TLC Cai-Cai on Friday—-Four is a Great Age for My New Life, Friday, February 17, 2023

  1. Oh Boo… my Mommy is crying and laughing at the same time (I think that means ‘happy tears’) and all I can say is I’m turning in circles and sending you wags and kisses, and kisses and wags.
    luv from Tank


  2. Lulu: “Happy big oh four, Boo Berry Betty! Many happy returns!”
    Java Bean: “We are so glad that you are established and not so afraid! I too was afraid of things when I first came here from living on the streets in Mexico, but now I have learned that the house is a safe place and it’s good to be with people!”

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Four is most definitely a wonderful age, B. At the farm, you have SO MANY fun activities. I also love car rides. They are always fun. Our favorite of all your activities remains riding around in the blue crate.

    Love and licks,


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