The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Going for a Walk

I’m doing better, Thank you all for your magic thoughts!

Walk-3I even am able to go for walks with my humans and with Boomer.


We saw Freddy Fox on the walk


and I even RAN a little bit and barked with Boomer.  Freddy yellowed/baked back at us.



We are still cold… the days are warming up to around 22* but very quickly sliding back down.  As soon as it hits 22* Mom has us out the door and heading out for a walk.  She said 22* feels almost balmy.


(I think she is sick or something…22* is, well 22* and that is cold!)


Boomer has to wear his coat whenever he is outside, but I have two coats already built in so I never have to wear a coat.

Coat1Mom has been told that I look like a cross between a Border collie and a Sheltie, because of my fur.  My personality, it the best of both breeds, even if I do say so myself!’!


(Mom agrees with me, Boomer says whatever I am I’m just the bestest ever.  I really like Boomer!)


Anyway, here is what the shadows look like around 2-3 in the afternoon


and then what they look like when

4-ocMom takes her 4 o’clock photo.

The Last day of December our Day length was 9 hours and 30 minutes. Today, January 4, 2013 the day length is 9 hours and 33 minutes…we have increase by THREE WHOLE MINUTES!!!! YIPPEE!!  The sun gets up at 7:31 and goes to sleep at 5:03.  The real noon (Solar noon) is 12:17.

Here is the temperatures at 6 in the morning


The after the sun gets up at 8 in the morning

8My operation date has changed, but we will keep you informed as Mom, Boomer and I really appreciate your Magic Thoughts!

Thank you so much,


Fuzzy Doddle McDoodle “Dude” Brown