We Got a Marvelous Treat—Sunday, November 20, 2022

Our car club needed some special photos for the upcoming year of 2023

—100 years of

fun, exciting,

things in the City of Delta.

Well, Tom Howe,

has a 1923 Model T Ford,

he was gracious to say

(notice the missing letters—sigh)

we could take photos

of the cool car

for the 2023 Car Show

this coming summer. 

AND he would be willing

to have his car toured

around town

to feature special old and historic buildings on Main street.

There are three petals….

Lots of levers

And only three doors

The whole experience was

A huge blast!

People honked and waved at us

Drove next to us with big smiles

And thumbs up!

They graciously

Let us block the road

And stop traffic

While I got a large variety of photos!

What a huge!


And delightful adventure!

Thank you so much, Mr. Howe!!  Your car is stunning!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



A Trip to Silverton, Colorado with our Car Club —- Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Our car club, the Delta Street Rodders took a fun cruise to Silverton, Colorado.

Jim and Dianna Muller lead the way 🙂

We had eight fancy collectible cars (and one truck)

Gary and Connie with their 1948 Willis Overland Jeepster

We took a wee road break just outside of Ouray, Colorado as we started up the Million Dollar highway

The Colors were OUTSTANDING!!!

Food at the Thee Pitts Again was YUMMY! 

The train had come in when we got there

What a fun job for people living close to the station

in Durango!

We ate, shopped,

and did all the tourist stuff 🙂

Then it was time to head home.

(This is Christ of the Mines in Silverton, Colorado) 

It was a perfectly wonderful day!
Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Trip with a Great Group of Friends — Tuesday, May 17, 2022

We belong to the Delta Street Rodder’s Car club

Every month someone in the club volunteers

To lead a group of (however many people who belong to the club) want to go on a cruise

For our cruise in May

(the April cruise went to Arizona and traveled Route 66)

Sam and Kyla led us across the Colorado Monument

Where we stopped off an on to see the sights

Met lots and lots and lots of the two-wheeled riders on the road

Those who could drove with their tops down

The curves were many —- complete with several fun tunnels

A stop at the Visitor’s Center

The air was perfect, the sunshine plentiful

Here is a map of the road

We ended at Munchie’s in Fruita, where Sam and Kyla had a reserved table set up and waiting for us.

Then we all headed our separate ways.

A perfect day!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,