Stand Right There Wherever You Are—-Sunday, April, 29, 2018


Right THERE!

And lift up your eyes

Rejoice in the everyday

Sing songs to the sun

And sing to the everyday commonness of [your] daily lives.

“Still, what I want in my life

is to be willing

to be dazzled—

to cast aside the weight of facts

and maybe even

to float a little

above this difficult world.”

― Mary Oliver

From my world to your heart,


In the Spill of Light—August 28, 2017

We are dry here.  Of course it rained and rained all through the third cutting hay 🙂 pretty much how haying season goes. 🙂

But the night air is very mild even cold before the sun comes up in the morning.

Still the plants grow gently larger and larger…waiting for that time called harvest

It won’t be long now until pinto bean harvest….the pods are starting to stripe and the leaves to turn yellow

Terry is watching the crops daily now…checking how hard the corn kernels are becoming, where the pods are on the pinto beans…we still work several times a day with the mountain water irrigating the crops,

The other day a summer storm blew in…not that kind that drops water on the ground, but the kind which drops water toward the earth, BUT dries up BEFORE it hits the ground

Leaving us a Rainbow, in the small silence the phantom raindrops made in the air.

My eyes and my heart reached up from the shadows on the ground — Rainbows always say to me—Good things are sure to come!

From my heart to your world,





Tuesday, May 7, 2013 Fields I Love

I know this is rather daffy, but I have certain fields on our farm that I just, well, LOVE!  I enjoy the slope of the land, the color of the soil, how the water flows so rapidly without help…unlike the 1/2 mile field which is always lots and lots of work.


We are in one of those fields right now….complete with a dust devil.


It is middle’n in size, I call it the Middle Field.  (it’s a 1/2 mile also, but different) Terry doesn’t like it because it has lots of short rows, (hard for turning the tractor and equipment around in) places where there is gravel, (the water wants to sink instead of flow) and a shallow place he can never get level.

I don’t work with the land/soil like Terry…I work with Terry and the water.


Still there is just something about this field, maybe you can see it with me.  Part of the enjoyment is the water is always heading west.  Why that appeals I can’t tell you, but it does.


The other hay field has the same layout but not the same feel to it.

Ah, well, I can’t explain why I like this field so much, I just do.


The setting sun was just perfect to show up the Black Canyon of the Gunnison…I hope you can see the canyon.


This was the route the early settlers took coming in to settle Delta…. they started in Gunnison and then drove their teams and wagons along the rim of the Black Canyon arriving in Peach Valley then across the waste land to the the fertile valley by the Gunnison River, now called Delta.  (Not as easy as it sounds, but that is for another day.)

I must be off, Dear Friends, as I need to make a run to the gas station for gas for the 530 John Deere…this little darling of a tractor doesn’t use diesel fuel.

Your Friend,



(And of course, Fuzzy and Boomer)