The Day of Love—-Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Sunday was really, really nice. Full of those things that break us out of the gray shroud and bring us forth into the Golden Light of Love.

All our children, those wonderful grandchildren, plus Ivy and Norm, came for an Easter Day Meal.  We ate, hunted to Easter eggs (adults and teenager also), played games, enjoyed each other, ate…..then, suddenly,  it was time to go home.

Terry and I looked at each other and told ourselves—this is what living is all about.


Cherished in the heart of love and (and for Terry and I) farming!




The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Easter Sunday

We’ve entered my FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR!!! Spring Farm work!  That means, Dad, Mom and MYSELF are always, always, always out on the farm!  YAY!

Anyway, Easter Sunday was the last day we had company.  It was also the day we all headed to the Uncompahgre Plateau for the first spring picnic of the year!


First things first, Blade is out for track at his local Middle School in Craig, Colorado.  Every morning he would run way up to the end of the first corn field (one mile) and then run back…he didn’t want to lose his leg and lung capacity.

Run with Hank


So Hank and I ran with him.  (Just between you and me…that’s HARD work!)


Then it was time to head out for Lee’s Reservoir.

Easter-1We had a great time—I LOVED all the smells up there, just enjoyed every minute.

PaulJason’s Dad, Paul, was here and went with us.  Paul and Tally are great friends.  Tally is one of those people everyone really likes.


The newest dog niece came along also…meet Gypsy an American Bulldog.  I think she is an American bulldog…I might be wrong, she is a bulldog; that’s for sure.


Tayler (Gypsy’s kid) and Tally took outstand care of her, which worked for me.  I sure didn’t want to puppy sit.


It’s been really windy for days here, but yesterday and today NO WIND! Mom said it was nice to set water in still air.  I thought it was nice to walk everywhere without getting dirt in my eyes!